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January 13, 2011
By gabejr BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
gabejr BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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Do you think teen should drink? I personally think that teenagers should not drink. I believe they should not drink because when they drink they don’t know when to stop. Also, teenagers don’t know the effects of drinking alcohol. Some of the effects are dizziness, loss of motor skills, blurred vision, slurred words, slow reactions, black outs, and a hangover when you wake up the next morning, also liver disease, and alcohol poisoning. When teenagers drink alcohol it’s proven that it will slowly shrink your brain, also the alcohol will hurt their liver even more than if they were adults. If the teenagers liver is hurt at a young age they will have I higher chance of getting liver disease which can cause death. More than 40% of teenagers who admitted to drinking said they drank because they were upset 31% said they drank when they were lonely and 29% said they drank for the fun of it. About 240,000 to 360,000 of the nation's 12 million current undergraduates will most likely die from alcohol, more than the number that will get MAs and PhDs combined. Also many teens have died from drinking at a young age. There was once a kid who was with his friend and they decided to drink some of his dad’s liquor. When the two boys were drinking one of the boys passed out and his friend called the ambulance, to pick them up and when the boy got to the hospital he died of drinking the alcohol because his body was not use to alcohol. Most Americans over the age of 12 have drunk alcohol at least once. Today American’s consume 433 million gallons of liquor, 711 million gallons of wine, and 6 billion gallons of beer every year. The bad thing about alcohol is that it’s absorbed quickly into the blood stream in a short a time (5to10minutes) which will cause problems to your blood and body. Its effects last for several hours depending on the amount of alcohol you drank. After consuming 2 to 3 beers, or 4 or 5 glasses of wine, most people will feel more relaxed than they did before they didn’t drink because they are slightly drunk. When people drink they don’t really understand the danger they are putting their body in to. One of my personal experiences that involved alcohol was when I was at a wedding. During the time me and my cousins were having a good time messing around, one of my uncles friend was really drunk and he had passed out and he turned really white. My cousins and I didn't have a clue what to do with him. So we told our uncle where he was at and what had happen. My uncle took him to the hotel room, he gave his friend a bunch of water and his friend was throwing up in the bathroom! It was really gross the smell was terrible. The smell kind of smelled l like rotten eggs with rotten milk mixed. When my uncle’s friend kept throwing up he decided to take him to the hospital. It turned out that he had alcohol poisoning, from drinking too much. The doctors said it was a good thing that my uncle took him and gave him water because if had not have done that he most likely would have not made it. That is my last reason why I think teenagers should not drink because if they start drinking early they will most likely get addicted to it and probably die at a young age.

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