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January 17, 2011
By grigga18 BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
grigga18 BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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This is an advertisement for Belvedere Vodka that is distilled and bottled in Poland. The campaign made for the Belvedere by the Omnicorp Group had this advertisement printed in popular magazines like GQ, Harper’s Bazaar, Instinct, Interview, People, Surface, T: The New York times Style Magazine, Vanity Fair, Wired., billboards in major cities like New York City, Los Angeles, San Diego and taxi’s and buses and as well.

In front of the advertisement is a $60 bottle of Belvedere Vodka in an elegant, clean, and ominous looking glass. In the backdrop of the advertisement, there are three young aged women and with one man smiling and laughing, with one blindfolded. There are two different versions of this advertisement, having either a guy or a girl being blindfolded. On the corner of the advertisement is the text “Believe, Trust Your Instincts, Naturally Smooth, Make It Belve.” They also displayed a web address: “” Also, everything is in black and white except for the bottle and the emphasis on the ie.

The purpose of this advertisement campaign is to create a new “nickname” for the vodka shortening the name to Belve to make it a more customer friendly bar call, giving the sense that the person saying it is in the knowing of what is cool.

The target audience of the advertisement campaign is young male and female adults around the age 21-35. The evidence for this is in the background where a blindfolded woman and her friends are laughing. This price of this vodka is between the prices of $10-60. This statistic creates the social rank for this vodka near the middle to upper class.

With the text stated, this creates a hidden message that in your gut, Belvedere is the correct choice which may be true or not. Also, the blindfold hints toward the idea of a blind taste test showing that in the end their vodka will be the best. This almost creates the idea that there is no competition, pointing to the idea of a monopoly.

There are various symbols set throughout the advertisement. First, there are four good-looking people, men and women alike, in the background showing the “good-looking” drink Belvedere. Also the blindfold gives off a sensual impression which can clearly be directed towards sex. It also gives off a sense of wealth and elegance about the drink that attracts people to that idea and how Belvedere will help them achieve that state of mind.

This advertisement only displays an unhealthy message that refers to sex and promiscuousness. It also make the viewer perceive that drinking the vodka makes them more fun, adventurous, and sexy. This is bad because alcohol can produce these affect, but can lead to alcoholism.

The advertisement was release in spring probably trying to the beverage publicly known before summer began, where most of their business increases. Also it doesn’t display the price of the vodka. The reported price of this campaign was between $10-15 million dollars. Also this advertisement will offend the average person in American because they will not be able to afford this alcohol which infers the idea that they are not cool, hip, adventurous, or sexy.

The author's comments:
While at the doctors office, I was browsing through magazines looking at articles when I came acrossthis advertisement and thought people needed to know about the mind-washing techniques used by marketers.

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