Deceptive Advertising

January 14, 2011
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This is a print as for Cashmere Mist perfume made by Donna Karan. Cashmere Mist perfume was released in 1994 in response to a bath and body line released two years prior and has remained a classic ever since. The ad features a feminine woman. The ad targets females of desire to be feminine Cashmere is typically worn as a luxury item therefore the women targeted in this as may be wealthy or desire to be.

Milla Jovoich is pictured wearing a cashmere, off-the-shoulder, loose-fitting sweater with no pants. She is an actress, fashion model, designer and musician and has no connection to what is being sold aside from getting paid to endorse the fragrance.
Her arm and sweater are strategically placed to cover the lack of bottoms worn. Jovovich’s hair is worn up in a messy bun with a few stray pieces. The perfume bottle is placed in the foreground of the picture. The words “Donna Karan Cashmere Mist” are written in gold in the center of the page. The upper right corner reads “available at macy’s” and “” The bottom middle says “a fragrance to seduce the senses” and underneath, “”

There seems to be no healthy messages communicated. It is implied that by buying and wearing this perfume on will achieve beauty, elegance, and wealth. It is bad to aThe designers of this ad are portraying, with symbols, an elegant classic look by including black and white color with subtle golden accents. It is simply unreasonable to believe a product will provide this. It may be implied that the ill-fitting sweater is not her sweater and is, perhaps, a man’s sweater that she is wearing after they spent the night together. It is glamorizing the idea that one night stands are acceptable.

The price per bottle, between $45 and $80, and the ingredients are not stated. The ad reads “seduce the senses.” This uses flattery to persuade people to buy Cashmere Mist. By wearing this perfume, one will not “seduce the senses.” The perfume will not make you wealthy or beautiful.

In conclusion, this company used persuasion techniques to make their product more appealing. A beautiful celebrity was used to make people believe a perfume could make them beautiful also. If viewers look closely at the advertisement, they will see the true meaning of the ad.

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