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January 14, 2011
By shobes93 SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
shobes93 SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
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This ad was created by Guess in order to sell their perfume: Guess Seductive. It is targeted towards younger white females. Due to the flawless, young woman who is topless, this ad is drawn towards women from the ages of 15-35. The price of this perfume is about $52, so the target audience is a higher class of females. She is also pictured wearing an expensive-looking necklace. Since only white women are used, the target ethnicity is white women.

The ad shows a black and white picture of a white female who is not wearing a top. The only item covering her breasts are her arms and curtain she is gripping on to. She is wearing an expensive gold heart necklace. Since there are curtains, it’s concluded that she is in a bedroom. Under the picture of the bottle of perfume, it says: “The new fragrance for women.” There is no other writing other than a Facebook group called “Have you been seduced?”

The title of the perfume, Seductive, implies if this perfume is worn, it is possible to be seduced by men. Perfume does not have the power to make that happen. They use the beautiful women without a top on to show this is what will happen if you wear the perfume. Since she is in what looks like a bedroom scene, we can only imagine the women was having sex before the shot was taken. The picture was taken in black and white, implying they were going for a “classy” look. They are trying to sell their product towards wealthy women with elegant lifestyles—they tried to define beauty.

This ad mainly used symbols to catch the eye of young viewers. They used a black and white scheme and objects such as her expensive necklace to promote wealth. The curtain in the bedroom is a symbol of sex…the look in her eyes shows she wants to be seduced just by wearing the perfume, and this can’t happen by a simple scent. It also uses a beautiful model to suggest we will look like her if we buy the perfume. Males are attracted to females like her, and the ad convinces us that by wearing Seductive, guys will be attracted to us too. This ad gives females the wrong idea…no perfume makes us more attractive.

The ad is filled with unhealthy messages. It shows a materialistic life leads to happiness. Through just a picture, it tries to convince us that our confidence will rise just by purchasing items such as perfume. This is offensive and wrong because it’s untrue. No perfume will raise confidence. Confidence comes from the inside, from a person’s self-esteem, not from a product purchased from Guess. It is also trying to give us the message that only beautiful women experience happiness. Because of that message, the ad also uses the big lie. People want to believe what they see. They see a woman grabbing attention by wearing perfume.

The price of the perfume is not listed on the ad, neither are the ingredients used to make the product. The price may push buyers away from their product. If viewers took time to interpret ads (such as this for Guess), people would start to realize most ads use sexuality to promote their products. They are being falsely lured into the material aspect of the ad.

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