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January 4, 2011
By Alex Quast SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
Alex Quast SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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This was an ad created by Nina Ricci to help sell the perfume Nina. The advertisement targets white women ages 16-40. The ad was found in Allure magazine, with most of their readers being women who have a disposable income. The ad portrays a beautiful girl in her 20s looking at a bottle of the Nina perfume that is hanging from a silver tree.
The girl is wearing a light pink ball gown and is sporting long, wavy light brown hair. The whole background of the ad is white except for a pile of apples that is behind an open white door. Some of the apples have tumbled out of the pile and follow the path the girl appeared to make to get to the perfume. The perfume bottle is in the shape of an apple, with the bottom being pinkish-red and the top being silver. The perfume is connected to a silver tree, and the girl is staring upwards at it with a look of desire on her face. The only words that appear is the name of the perfume, Nina, the company’s name Nina Ricci, and a description, saying “the new magical fragrance.” There is also a website listed in small font on the left that directs to the company’s website. There is no price listed or information on where to buy the perfume. This ad offers little information of the product to the reader.
This ad uses symbols, the big lie, and beautiful people as persuasion techniques so that people will buy the perfume.
This ad suggests that Nina Ricci is comparing the model to Eve from the Bible story Adam and Eve. It is known that Eve took an apple from a forbidden tree, which created the first sin. So, this perfume is comparing its model to Eve by saying that if you buy this perfume, you will be sinful.
A beautiful, young woman is used to sell the product. The woman is dressed as if she just came out of a fairytale and is fixated on the perfume. This woman is deceptive to readers because not all women have her slender physique naturally good looks. A lie is being told here by saying that if a woman desires this perfume and buys it, they will look like the model in the ad. The clothes that she is wearing suggest that she is wealthy, which shows readers that they have to be wealthy to have this perfume, which isn’t likely in this economy. The bottle also makes the perfume seem expensive, because it looks as if the top is made out of silver. This is misleading for the reader.
This ad tells you nothing about the product, and instead relies on a pretty girl to sell the perfume. Hopefully women will look past this misleading ad and buy their perfume somewhere else.

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on Jan. 15 2011 at 2:00 am
tomtamtimmy GOLD, Sydney, Other
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there is alot of pointless adds like that going around. like there is a gio add with an ourangartang (sorry if i spelt that wrong) syaing "nice"


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