Sagging Pants: YUCK!!!!

December 12, 2010
Guys, ever wonder if a girl likes you when you sag your pants? If you answered, “Yes.”, then you’re wrong. In actuality, girls don’t like it when guys sag their pants. Some girls think it’s not cool. Others just don’t like it. Personally, I agree. Sagging pants is not cute on ANYONE! The style is just repulsive. I don’t see how guys can just walk around with their butts hanging out. We girls do not want to see your Super Mario boxers hanging from head to toe.

Another annoying thing with sagging pants is that when some guys sag, their pants are either too big or too small. And what’s with sagging in skinny jeans? That is a definite no-no. No guys should EVER do that. Here’s a word of advice so use it. If you’re going to wear your pants to the ground, PLEASE wear them right. Where pants that ACTUALLY FIT COMFORTABLY.

I wonder what your parents say about your “fashion statement”. (Ugh, like there is such a thing with sagging pants. AS IF!) Anyway, they’d probably say what I’m saying now. If not, they need to open their eyes. This generation needs young, intelligent, and hardworking young men. Not “gangsters” or young men who don’t care about school. That’s what the streets are for. When you all sag, it says a lot about you. It shows how much you care about yourself and how you carry yourself too.

This may sound harsh, and most of you all won’t care or maybe you will, but when you guys sag it looks like you’re trying to give it away. Are you trying to make your butt up for grabs? Didn’t this style start in prison anyway? As a matter of fact, it did. Did you know that in prison when guys sag their pants, it’s a statement that their gay? (I’m not implying that anyone is gay. I’m just saying, so please don’t take offence.) So fellas, as a message from me to you and from all other girls in this world: PULL UP YOUR FRIGGIN PANTS!

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TwoFace17 said...
Jan. 1, 2011 at 9:46 pm
I always ondered this, how can people think that having your butt and or underwear showing is cool?.
WritingAngel20 said...
Dec. 19, 2010 at 11:22 am

I AGREE! 150% Keep on writing!


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