it makes me sick.

October 31, 2010
By , iqaluit, Canada
i've comments that make me absolutly sick. who says that fat girls are told that they are more secure in their body if they show more skin?-that's an absolute lie, what would happen, is bullying. bullying is a big problem. take this from someone whose been bullied their whole life. it makes the self-estem almost non-exsestant. i've wanted to stay home because of bullying, i'm not skinny, but still, people judge by looks, not personalities. when someone would judge by personalities, instead of looks, they find the best people, the dimonds hidden in the ruff. now, i'm telling you, if our world keeps this stupid plumet because of bullying and insicurities that don't matter as much as personalites. if any of you think what i'm writing is wrong, think about it this way. have you ever been bullied because of looks, have you ever been called fat?-by anyone other than yourself?- if you say yes to those questions, you might be able to see my point, think alittle about it.

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