Awe, Aren't You Cute? Not.

October 28, 2010
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Aren’t small dogs just amazing? It’s like there’re God’s-given gift to the world…

Not only are they my favorite kind of dog, but there’re as cute as a button too… I love their puffy fur, and the fact their easily mistaken for a rat; and their big bug eyes placed awkwardly on their little scrunched in faces. Just adorable.

Not only are they cute, but they have a personality! Those ankle bitters are ready to attack your bare feet at any given moment. Maybe it’s cute at first, but they gnaw and gnaw at your feet and ankles until you feel the need to shake em’ off. And when you wiggle your leg, whipping it back and forth, trying to get that pest off, they just tighten their grip and dangle like a wet soggy noodle.

Their bark. That’s all I have to say… it’s loud; it’s high pitched; it’s annoying. Not only that, but they bark over, and over, and over again! And most the time it’s about nothing, maybe some times it’s about a squirrel or a bug… never anything important.

These dogs are pretty much useless, there’re kind of ugly, they bite at your feet and ankles, and their repeated bark; in my opinion, the worst one of them all.

So… don’t cha think small dogs are just… Just a joy?

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