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September 14, 2010
Alright, there has been one thing that has really been bothering me lately. That "thing" is the variety of music, or rather, the lack of it. It seems that any and all variety in music has seemed to disapear. It used to be that, just by listening to the type of music, and who is singing, and the instrumentals, you could easily tell which band it came from, because they all actually sounded DIFFERENT. For instance, if you heard the song, "Bicycle" back in the 70-80's period, you could probably tell that it was from Queen because of the unique group dynamics, the unique guitar sound (one of the band members BUILT his own guitars, thus giving the music a unique sound) and the unique vocalists, who COULD ACTUALLY SING (Freddy Mercury was AMAZING back in the day, he once sang a classical piece I beleive, and people were astounded at how good he was)You really could tell the difference between bands, because bands back then worked hard to make their band stand out, and amaze people. Bands back then actually tried to bring out new songs, that weren't actually like all their previous songs. Look at the Beatles, for instance. They wrote over 100 songs- and yet they all managed to be unique,and have a different sound. There was no way you could mistake, say, "Paperback Writer" with say, "Penny Lane" or, "Eleanore Rigby" with, say, "Hey Jude". I think that, subconciously, people still feel the need for unique-ness and individuality in music, because, geuss what? PEOPLE ARE STILL LISTENING TO QUEEN AND THE BEATLES, which is something you don't really get with modern artists. When was the last time we heard someone humming "SOS" or "Hold On" by the Jonas Brothers. When was the last time we listened to Raven Symone? Bands back then produced good music- and people are catching on. I mean, come on, ABBA got their music turned into a musical, and later a movie- "Mamma Mia" years after they broke up. You know what, I don't see "Bad Romance the Musical" showing up on Broadway any time soon. Remember when Glee sang "Somebody to Love"? That song was originally written, and sang by none other than Queen (Trust me, I have it on my I-Pod)! Another un-unique thing that I have been noticing in music today is the difference between certain genre. It used to be that you could tell for certain which genre bands/songs were. If it was Jazz, you could tell it wasn't Blues, and vice versa. If it was Pop, you could tell it wasn't Rock and vise versa. If it was Hard Rock, you could tell it wasn't Metal. There was a difference. These days, some people can't tell if what Justin Beiber is "singing" is R&B or Rap, especially because he is doing song feats with rappers (personally, I thought he was supposed to be R&B!) At times, I get confused as to why Ke$ha is a rapper when her music sounds so, so...Techno! In conlusion- music has gone down the drain. It has lost most of it's unique-ness, and has replaced it by "the same old thing" I beleive it is our job, as both listeners, and perhaps artists ourselves, to both bring something new to the table, and DEMAND something new. Tell Taylor Swift to sing about something else in life other than fairy tale love. Yell, "Hey Beibs, try singing about what it is like to be YOU rather than singing about love!" Listeners, stop settling for the same old junk your favorite bands are giving you, demand something unique, something better, and if they ask you to give them some suggestions, tell them, "Try listening to The Beatles!" ;)

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TheWanderingMoo said...
Nov. 20, 2010 at 5:27 pm

I am not a fan of Owl City, sorry.  Some unique bands I hope you enjoy:


Iron & Wine


Monsters of Folk

The Decemberists


Modest Mouse

Lemon Demon

The Shins

Thriving Ivory

Bright Eyes

TheWanderingMoo replied...
Nov. 20, 2010 at 5:31 pm

sorry, I forgot why they are unique.  Iron & Wine is modern folk music done by one man.

MGMT has a classic stoner sound

Monsters of Folk is modern folk with introspective lyrics

The Decemberists have profound political lyrics (very liberal, be warned)

Cake has a variety of sounds in their different songs and views the current music industry with disdain

Modest Mouse experiments with different sounds that can be made with modern technology and juxtap... (more »)

SpazyMicSpazSpaz replied...
Nov. 23, 2010 at 5:21 pm
Hey thanks, I checked out Modest Mouse, and yes, I agree they are very different and weird, but in a good way, while Im writin this, I'm actually listening to one of their songs, but I would definatly  recommend this band to people who like 90's rock, as well as modern rock and alternative
SpazyMicSpazSpaz replied...
Nov. 23, 2010 at 5:34 pm
Okay, now I'm listening to Lemon Demon, and you are totally right about them, they have a song for EVERYTHING. Got a birdhouse? Lemon Demon. Selling lemonade? Lemon Demon. Have dead Sea Monkeys? Lemon Demon.
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