Ready, Set, Don't Judge!

October 8, 2010
Have you ever heard the quote “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder?” Well isn’t that the truth!
We are judged daily, by people who we may consider to be our closest friends, our family, and people we don’t even know. Why is that? I think it’s because insecurity has become a fashion, it’s popular and the only way to feel better about one’s self is to pick apart someone else. Thinking things and saying them are two entirely different things. If they don’t know you’re sizing them up according to their physical appearance then it’s okay to think what you want.
If someone doesn’t wear Hollister, they’re not cool. If they don’t wear make-up, they’re ugly. If they shop at Wal-Mart, they’re ghetto. If they own Coach, they’re spoiled. If they swear, they’re trashy. If they smoke pot, they’re stupid. All these stereo-types, and labels are thrown around. And yet, no one has taken the time to realize the girl who wears Hollister got the shirt as a hand-me-down. And the girl who wears no make-up, looks in the mirror daily and tells herself she is beautiful without it. The person who shops at Wal-Mart likes the simple look. The coach purse was bought on clearance. The swearing is just a sign they have not been taught the proper time and place for language like that. And the stoners, they’re not stupid; they just aren’t making the better choice.
Labels are just that, a label. They do not define who a person is or will become. Nor do the clothes the person wears, the friends they hang out with or the activities they are involved in. Every little quirk about us makes us imperfect in a way. Perfection does not exist, it’s just a picture everyone of us has painted in our minds.
If we say we do not judge people, we’re lying. At some point we all look at someone and see something you don’t like. And from there, we pick them apart till they are not even worth the time of day. For some reason this makes us feel better about themselves. Maybe because we think we’ve found someone we are better than. But truth is, judging someone makes us no better than they are, in fact, it may make us worse.
I’ve made the horrible mistake of judging people. And it hurts, truthfully. Knowing you may think something about them in the moment in one thing. But not giving them the benefit of the doubt is another. I judged my best friend on her size. She’s not skin and bones, but she’s also not 300 pounds and 5 foot 2 inches. She’s average, and I see a beauty in her that most people don’t. I think her confidence is one of her most beautiful features. He humor is extraordinary, and she gives everyone a chance. I can never imagine not being friends with her. And it wouldn’t matter if she was any different appearance-wise, it’s her personality I love.
Moral to the story goes; learn to look beyond the imperfections of a person. Learn to see past just the physical appearance. Seeing someone’s inner beauty may make us change your mind. Sometimes the fat girl can be the nicest and the smartest kid can be the most fun to hang out with. Open your mind to imperfection and beauty it holds. Remember the person we’re sizing up may just be doing the same. Or they may just be hoping we’ll be the better person and get to know them. We could all use a friend who takes us for everything we are, or are not.

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