Don't Judge Me

October 2, 2010
By WillHug4Money GOLD, Florien, Louisiana
WillHug4Money GOLD, Florien, Louisiana
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Nothing is stronger than gentleness, and nothing is so gentle as real strength.

We all go through a time when we are ridiculed and taunted through our individuality. We are forced to go through the most common hardship in our lives: the pressure to be like everyone else. We have no individuality. It may seem like a small hindrance in life, but it causes many things. Sometimes it even causes depression.

The deriders, whoever they may be, always get the same speech. The teachers always say, “Never make fun of someone because of the way they are.” The hard truth is, these people get nothing out of it. They sit and think, and sometimes even say, “Pshht, I’m a good person, no one cares what I do.” Another unjust truth of life: people do care. It really does hurt, they just don’t realize it. Then there’s the part where we are afraid to stand out. People have died in the span of the 20th century because we all want to be the same, and it is unviable to try to be.

Aeropostale, American Eagle, and Hollister; they are all very popular stores. But, and I admit that I’m just estimating, about fifty percent of the people that shop there are most likely there because they want to fit in. I myself have shopped there, but for school clothing purposes only. The clothes are, I confess, quite cute, but we don’t have to wear them because they are “fashionable.”

So be who you are! Wear those spiky bracelets and chokers, or the chains! It doesn’t matter what people say, as long as you are pleasing yourself. Start trends! I know I have. Do the same! Be yourself!

The author's comments:
People really do need to just be themselves.

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ashwater1 said...
on Oct. 22 2010 at 3:34 pm
ashwater1, East Windsor, New Jersey
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"I want to be the minority. I don't need your authority. Down with the moral majority, 'cuz I want to be the minority!"

I totally agree- *Grabs mega-phone and shouts to the world* "I wear chunky bracelets and chains and have highlighted hair! I shop from Hottopic! I please myself! INDIVIDUALITY!"

aly-mack10 said...
on Oct. 16 2010 at 8:30 pm
I totally agree with u and I think we shouldnt care how people loo because they are just lie you and me! 


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