Why Do We Need Facebook?

August 15, 2010
So I will admit that I have a facebook page. But, what I don’t understand is why when people ask you if you have one and you reply “no” that people shut you out. I get that most of you will write on the walls or start to chat with people but do you honestly need this at the age of 12. I think that you should wait until the end of your freshman year to get a facebook page. Plus, the bad thing about facebook is that if you are going to say something bad about someone why you would say it on Facebook. I get it is easier to stay connected with friends through facebook than it is to call them or text them and say I want to hang before summer is over but to be honest I like calling my friends or even texting them so that they know what is up. But if you like using facebook that is completely and totally your opinion. Once things go on facebook they are likely to stay on facebook no matter what. So if you don’t say it to their face why say online, it is called a thin line and if you are having digital drama the website is www.athinline.org so you can go there or just delete your facebook and MySpace pages. There is no reason to start drama.

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Minnie Mouse said...
Oct. 23, 2011 at 6:50 am
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