Sex is the New Thing?

August 9, 2010
By Anonymous

Why is it that the United States is now being portrayed as the land that is willing to sleep with you? It's because of our trends and the messages we give out. Remember when back in the sixties girls were supposed dress appropriately, and guys were supposed to escort you, meet your parents when they take the girl out and act like a gentlemen? Well, sure it was a bit conservative, but whats wrong with a little of the good stuff? I understand that we are animals, but we are also human, and we are intelligent at that. We don't have to go unleashing our animal side to satisfy certain needs, or to get constant pleasure. Its also because of movies that make it seem like having sex on the first date is normal. Maybe for some people it is. But is throwing yourself at someone just because your desperate, or because you need to lose your virginity, or because you haven't had it in two weeks seriously necessary? What happened to morals? I understand we have entered a new era, where porn isn't such a huge deal anymore, and sleeping with a random guy isn't a sin. But ladies, put yourself on a higher pedestal, and don't go around throwing yourself like your garbage. Your not. And guys, hold the animal urge. I know girls are now being portrayed as heroines, and like to be Miss Independent, but that doesn't mean we hate it when guys are gentlemen.
We aren't the Americans who sleep around all the time. We are the Americans who have the liberty to make our own choices. But just because we have that right, doesn't mean we need to go to extremes to prove it. Some countries like the Middle East have extreme social rules, which I don't entirely agree with. But I mean, who wants to see public display and people having it off in the park? No one. So there's nothing wrong with holding the animal within, just saying.

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Great article. I agree with you. What happened to having morals?

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