Pretty, what does it really mean?

June 8, 2010
By , vero, FL
What does being pretty really mean? Does it mean buying expensive clothes, putting on loads of makeup, and having the best hair or does it really matter about what’s inside? Here’s the thing in today’s world, models and people on television they’re as skinny as sticks and some of them even have eating disorders due to the fact they have to remain skinny for their ”career” as a model. All I can say is what kind of image is that putting out there for kids and teens today? Definitely not a healthy one, kids who are average weight and who are not fat in the slightest, are now inclined to believe that they are fat because of the models a who are just to skinny! Also, everything in Hollywood is just so fake, everybody wears so much makeup, and they have plastic surgery but kids don’t know that they think that’s how they’re supposed to look, it really just sickens me the way kids look up to these people! I really don’t have a problem with them wearing makeup, buying cute clothes, and stuff like that but we should idolize the people who are skinny because they take pills or whatever and we shouldn’t idolize the people who go to clubs all night and get wasted. Just remember it really is about what’s on the insdie even though in today’s world it might not seem like it!

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