Flawless People

June 6, 2010
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Everywhere you look, and I mean everywhere, there are girls posing in bikinis with perfect bodies, or pretty flawless girls on every magazine page. But is it real? Magazines, television, websites are trying their hardest to make every girl feel like they should be looking like these perfect people, with the perfect body, tan, skin, hair, clothes. But for real, not many people are like that. We girls know that we do spend time on our clothes, hair, face, but we definitely aren't perfect or flawless like these fake girls. Every commerical shows pretty girls advertising the lastest beauty product or clothing line. Have you ever seen an overweight girl posing for anything, or a girl with a face full of zits? Didn't think so. Because the world is trying to portray that everybody should be perfect and not be theirselves. We're each unique, so why band ourselves together to look like a bunch of fake barbies? It's actually pretty sad, because little girls are feeling like the have to grow up faster to look like these girls they see on t.v. So, the next time you see a commercial or magazine ad with some perfect person, think that they probably look just like the other girl in another commercial or ad and are completely FAKE! :D

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