What makes them "perfect"?

June 4, 2010
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That's the question I ask everytime I turn on the TV.
Why are they so different from most of us?
Everytime I flip a page of a fashion magazine, I see it. The false image of beauty. Beauty nowadays is measured by how tall you are, how clear your skin is, or how skinny you are...
Our time's definition of beauty is distorted. Everyday, we judge people on how they look. Everyday we ridicule. Everyday we get worse...
Vanity. It's everywhere. Tv, magazines, books. IT'S ALL AROUND US.

It makes me sick; to think that many people feel obliged to comply with the world's standards of beauty.

Beauty should not be all about the way you look. It should be about the way you feel. Beauty should not only be in our eyes. It should be in our hearts and minds too. We should not be what the world wants to see . We should be what we want to be...

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