Young girl Stars look to old for there age

June 2, 2010
By hopesdreamspizza GOLD, Emmaus, Pennsylvania
hopesdreamspizza GOLD, Emmaus, Pennsylvania
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When you look at 16,17 or 18 year olds they look to old.Whydo they do that? 'cause there in hollywood and also they grow up way to fast. For example Miley Cyus. She looks like she's 20 instead of 17. Also Demi and Selena do too. They try act like someone there not. They also don't act there age. They act like there 20 years old.

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on Jun. 8 2010 at 9:09 pm
bloomingrose BRONZE, Bradford, Other
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miley definatly looks to old but i didn't notice it with selena and demi. maybe its because they are in so many kids movies


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