Curvy and Happy

May 14, 2010
What do you think when you look at a magazine? Who do you see? Normally you would see a lot of teeny tinny attractive females and strong tall men. What do you think of yourself when you see those people? Most thoughts would be How can I look like him/her? I wish I looked like that! Maybe i should diet/work out. These thoughts are driving teens around the world insane!

Who really looks like that? If you saw them in person they look normal or really bad. Skinny isn’t always pretty and strong HUGE muscles aren’t always hot. Actually to me, huge muscles and stick skinny are turn offs. So love your body weather it is curvy or scrawny or in between. Love what you look like. Don’t be afraid or regret eating that cookie!

Maybe one day, our kids and our kids kids and for future generations, will realize at a younger age then us, that our bodies are beautiful and it is the only one you have so love it and all its curves! Ignore the people on T.V. setting an “example” for us. They are wrong and we are right! We are right to have different bodies and different curves or no curves at all!

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loligrl said...
Jun. 8, 2010 at 4:26 pm
I love this article, it totally brightened up my day! thnx!!
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