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May 7, 2010
By Anonymous

There was a recent study done in London that, according to many British scientists, connected excessive internet use to depression. Do we need a bigger sign then that? There are too many people on the internet and we are starting to rely on it too much. And it’s mainly America. has done a study that concludes America is second most in internet population only next to China. Do you realize China has a total population of 1,325,639,982 to our 307,006,550? That’s a lot more people to only have a 10 million people difference on the internet. This same site also says that 90% of children ages 5-17 are computer literate and 59% of them use the internet.

If that many kids are on the internet they are going to get into things they don’t need to be into. Oh no! They might find out about Santa. But no seriously there is a reason some games are rated M and some movies are rated R. When I was five I was scared of “Chucky” and the “Saw” movies, and I couldn’t play rated M game, and for good reason. But that’s not all that’s on the internet.

There’s other stuff that is surprising about internet like that says that the more time people spend using the internet the more they lose contact with their social environment. I blame Facebook. Now instead of actually talking to people we im or rip on people online. And the fact that the total population of internet has reached half the population of the world, let that sink in for a bit… Do you agree with me yet? You should.

If the fact that depression is linked to internet use and that half the world is on the internet does not say we use internet too much, I don’t know what does. So if its depression that leads to internet or internet that leads to depression I don’t know but its not good either way. And another thing, I used the internet to research this essay, not a book.

The author's comments:
Im being made to do this.

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