Does Advertisements really influence what we purchase?

April 9, 2010
By Mz.Tweet BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
Mz.Tweet BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
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I believe that ads do have some influence on what we buy, because according to the CFSC, marketers are creating anxiety and promoting envy and feelings of insecurity in the consumers. For the most part, my reasons for arguing this subject very strongly, would be to the result of the fact that when people see an ad or even a new ad they believe they should be exactly like what they saw. Secondly, I also would like to point out that these ads also cause health issues. And thirdly, these ads also leads to those who see them to have low self-esteem and have no type of self-worth.

To begin with, ads cause the people that see them to have that one idea in their heads that they should have the perfect body, the perfect hair and the perfect eyes. Well what if they don’t have that, what do you expect them to think of themselves then? How would you feel if the shoes were on the other feet and you were the person looking at the ads? These types of things are why I argue this matter so strongly.

In Addition, ads also causes health issues to the point that is so extreme that some of those who see these ads may even have to be hospitalized. All of the ads that can be seen are mostly of really skinny models who from these pictures are 25% skinnier than those who see these ads, even though most of the time these models are
Portrayed to have the perfect bodies but in actuality they touch up the pictures still to make them even skinnier than they already are!
Now as a result of this some who is seeing these ads are becoming Bulimic or even Anorexic do you really believe that your ads are worth causing others to not only lose their happiness but also their health.

For my last reason, not only do these ads cause a bad idea of who you are supposed to be and causes bad health it also causes lack of self-esteem and a lack of self-worth. Some people are teased or even bullied because they don’t fit in with the trend. This allows them to think that they are weird and undesirable and not worth living. This may affect some of their thinking and can cause some to try and commit suicide and some may end up actually doing it. Do you really want to be carrying around the fact that your ads have caused such a tragedy?

Finally to conclude, I would just like to remind you that the effect your ads have are devastating and causes many problems in the lives of the people who see your ads every day. Just think, what would be my thinking if I was in their shoes? Do you really even think about what you are putting in your ads before you release them into the media? And do you think about the effect that it may have on those who see it? So I ask you to please think about what you put in your ads, and to take the time to think: WHAT IF THAT WERE ME?

The author's comments:
This piece was written because every time i or any of my freinds happen to look in a magazine or on the television, we always see an ad making us want to be more than ourselves. Why would anyone want to trade in the person they are for a hollow shell that people judge anyway? If your body isnt right or the style dont look right on you your a disater and an outsider. Why put your self in that type of issue? When you can just be you!

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