What the world has become

March 5, 2010
By Anonymous

You know, there was a time, a time of my fathers, when people valued morals. When men wore their hair short and their pants above their butts. You know, I wish we still lived in those times.
I wish people took responsibility for their own problems and mistakes.
At our school we are assigned laptops so that we can do school work. But recently, some people were using their laptops for inappropriate usag. No one fessed up so no one could take them home and we are still trying to get them back but so far no one has confessed. If you are still in school, does your school have a lot of people that never take responsibility? If you do, join the group. We need to start taking responisbility and do what is right!

The author's comments:
Our school has been having some issues with laptops. Students having been doing things that they were not allowed to do and this needs to stop!

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