End it Now or Pay the Price

March 2, 2010
End the Violence

It’s everywhere I look in different forms. In video games played by eight year olds, silly Iphone applications, music videos, television shows, and more. The sources of violence go on and on. When I think about what I want in our world peace comes to my mind. I feel like my generation is furthering itself from this dreamy concept. It deeply saddens me that a game about killing cartoon islanders in various ways was on the top ten Iphone applications for months (pocket god). What does that say about the kids who play that game? It isn’t adults who have free time enough to bring death to tiny animations with the swipe of a finger. What have we come to when gamers are teaching the young to laugh at something that’s truly horrific? These children wouldn’t dare strike a spear through someone or throw them into a hot lava volcano, but how long is it before the need for violence reaches beyond entertainment purposes? I’m nor saying our youth will grow up to be senseless killers, but little by little we are putting sickly ideas in their minds. If Grand Theft Auto the game is fun why wouldn’t actual grand theft auto be? If Lil Wayne can smack around some girl in his music videos, why can’t I? Too many companies have given in to supporting kids’ need for games and shows with spilled blood and I hope it will stop. America is trying to end wars not replenish the desire for more fighting. Like a broken smoke detector, violence and horror as a joking matter is often pushed aside and not dealt with but if it goes on for long can be a big enough hazard to cause death.

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