Face book frenzy: an online addiction

March 7, 2010
By jules16 PLATINUM, Fredericksburg, Virginia
jules16 PLATINUM, Fredericksburg, Virginia
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" if your living, but do not act as one should when they are alive, then you are simply dead inside, and filling in empty space. So take risks, be reckless, the world will scorn you anyways so why not it be by your own causing "

Face book. An online sanctuary for socializing teens and young adults, is a home for those who simply cant get enough of the internet. For some it’s a way to search for love, and for others its just a connection to their friends. What was once a site mainly used by collage students trying to keep up with their friends, and families during time apart, is now essentially the new My space for high school, and even middle school students. Though it holds the same characteristics as my space, some might note that it is less about changing your back round, and writing a cute “about me“, and more focused on status updates, pictures, and wall posts. face book is favored above my space for extras like its quick chat, applications, and fan sites. As a whole the website to most is an addiction, and none of us can stop updating our status.

The negatives and positives are endless when talking about social networking sites like face book. Most warn teens of the dangers of posting pictures that could end in creepy old men stalking you, or even collage admission boards rejecting you because of your risky behavior presented by your profile. In the end the decision is yours whether your create a profile of your own, and also what you decide to post on it. For those who are not concerned about collage boards, or pedophiles face book is a positive aspect in their life. After all millions of long distance friend ships are sustained all due to the creation of this sight, that makes connecting online an easy and fun thing.

So here is the real question every one is wanting to know, How much face book, is too much face book? At what point does it go from being a hobbie, to an obsession, And when does the time you spend chatting with friends, and uploading photos really begin to interfere with your real life, and even your health? Maybe the answers live in your personal approach to time management, and how much you enjoy being on face book.

Overall the affects of this face book frenzy that has swept across the country is both positive and negative. Regardless of its effect, it is proof that in America we have a thing for online communication, whether its email, Aim, my space, twitter, or the all so popular face book, this form of socializing is taking over. So what’s the big fuss over? You know you love it.

The author's comments:
I love facebook, so this was my tributee to my obsession :].

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