Being Perfect Does not Have its Perks

January 21, 2010
By emosk8rchick BRONZE, Anson, Maine
emosk8rchick BRONZE, Anson, Maine
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Nobody is perfect. Everyone has flaws. Everyone makes mistakes. And everyone has bad days. Some people just need to figure that out. They think that they are so perfect that they are better than anyone else. They have to make sure that they have the perfect hair style, Clothes; The perfect skin complexion, the perfect friends, the perfect parents and so on and so on. This essay will show that it is okay not being perfect. Because deep down inside... We are all alike.

If I can begin with talking about kids shows, then I am writing the right essay. Whenever I think about perfectness I think about two things: Spongebob and The Hannah Montana song 'Nobody`s Perfect.' I`ll start out by talking about Spongebob and what he has to do with this. The episode where He becomes 'normal' is a perfect example. He goes from being his cool, unique self and turns himself into what everyone down in bikini bottom say 'A freak.' Not that some people thought that before. But this time was worse. He turned out from being a sponge!!! By the end of that episode, Spongebob found out that it is okay being weird. Because you know what!? Being weird is normal. Being yourself is normal and just accepting that and taking it in stride will make you a better person.

Now to the Hannah Montana Song. ' Nobody`s perfect I gotta work it, Again and Again 'Till I get it right. Nobody`s Perfect you live and you learn it And if I mess it up sometimes Nobody`s perfect.' That right there is the key that every little girl should know. Nobody is perfect. The models that they will see are just Anorexic little liars. They are fine just the way that they are and they need to accept it. Hey even older people like myself or even you Ms. Peterson, should listen to it accept it. Because the people like celebrities for example are not perfect at all. They have people do everything they want. That is why I like this song. It talks about being different and accepting it. Of how if you don`t get something, you should not give up. Just try and try until you get it.

Now My third example is me. I am a perfect example of being in-perfect. And you know what? I am proud of being a little different. That is what makes me unique. That is what makes everyone unique. I wear different clothes than everyone, I listen to really different music than anyone hear, and I have been through more stuff than anyone in this school has even dreamed about. Because the people that think they are perfect and strut their stuff any chance they get, are just hiding the facts that they are scared out of their mind. And they just do that to mask the fact that they are insecure, little, bah! And everyone should finally see what they are on the inside... Not by what they mask out on the outside.

I hope now that you see my point of view. I hate people that think they are all that and popular and 'perfect'. Spongebob, Hannah Montana and I are perfect examples. Yes we say that we are different but before.. we were just like every body else. Now that we have accepted that we are different, We are proud of our skin. Spongebob is back to his usual self, Hannah has died down by her persona Miley and I have gone through some horrible things to make me change into what I am today.

The author's comments:
This is my SAT Essay that I had to write... I was pretty nervous so It is not great.

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