January 8, 2010
By CylasPalacios GOLD, Macomb, Illinois
CylasPalacios GOLD, Macomb, Illinois
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What I would like to speak about right now is originality, and how we seem to have lost it as a culture in general.

Look throughout your school, do you see the drones that walk your halls? I want you to look at the clothing. What do you notice? "Tight Jeans" "DC Shoes" "Band T-Shirts"?
It seems as though everyone is wearing this stuff. You may buy into it as well (everyone does to an extent).

Why is it so hard to be original these days? Is it because we are made fun of for being different? Originality is a gift, a beautiful gift, now use it!
And use it well!

The author's comments:
I have trouble with originality, and trying to fit in. I have so many friends, but they all buy into "looking cool".
Is it wrong to look cool? NO, it is not, but why try to be the coolest person in school, and blend in with the crowd, when you could be different and make your own statement?

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