tommy and tommy girl cologne/ perfume

January 6, 2010
By Anonymous

This ad was created by Tommy Hilfiger to help sell their 10th anniversary edition of Tommy and Tommy Girl fragrance. The perfume and cologne sells for $40, meaning this ad in People Magazine targeted middle class white men and women between 16 and 35.

The ad has a young white male leaning into a beautiful white girl from behind with the beautiful girl sitting on his lap. Both have aroused looks. She is wearing a frontal bathing suit, with her back and shoulders exposed. The man is wearing a buttoned down collar shirt, with his chest exposed; both no older than 25, both have long flowing hair, and both appearing to be on a boat living a luxurious lifestyle. On the bottom of the ad, the words, “tommy tommy girl introducing the 10th anniversary editions” is written with pictures of the bottles of the fragrance are in the bottom right corner.
A young, wealthy, free, and sensual lifestyle is being presented and glamorized because the man is getting the good-looking woman and vice versa. This is communicating the message that if you buy the product you can get a beautiful partner. The beautiful people attract a younger audience, leading the viewer to believe that could be he or she. Ad hominem is also used in a sexual and way to attract its audience. This being for the fact that both have aroused emotions across their faces, the man and woman have exposed bodies, and the free flowing hair and scruffy facial hair suggests that they have been living the beach and boating life for quite some time. Giving the viewer a misleading impression if he or she were to use it.
No healthy messages are being told. Tommy Hilfiger is singling too specific age class and race in their viewers. Black people will never find the ad attracting because two white people are boating, a popular white pastime. And viewers over the age of 35 will never buy the product because the free and youthful doesn’t relate to them. There for no matter the age or race, tommy and tommy girl will not get give the free flowing lifestyle or the beautiful partner.

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