Revenge of the Clones

December 27, 2009
As I walked down the hallway at my school one day, something became clear to me. A group of girls, walking in a pack, all wore Hollister. Another group of girls, all sported a yellow and black ensemble. It struck me that my generation of teenage girls and boys lack confidence to show off their own style. Instead, they all seem to clump in a group, and purchase items at stores they find "cool", or "in". However, it goes even deeper then clothing. Girls especially have become obsessed with a certain "image" they must obtain in order to "fit in" or "be popular". At my school, girls can be found with rimmed eyes, stick straight hair, and lots of perfume. Sometimes, I have found that this probem can even go as far as a girl or boy's personality. Boys can be found smoking or drinking because it's "cool", while girls can be found acting all the same in a certain group. Personally, I consider myself an individual because I don't see anyone else wearing the same blouse or necklace I'm wearing. I stick to makeup that works for me, and choose a different hairstyle then the rest of the crowd. By following my own mold, I'm much happier then the rest of the girls who travel in packs of brands, colors, and looks. If this continues, or progresses, I couldn't imagine what our world would look like. Personally, I already think it's gotten out of hand. It's like someone pressed the copy machine a million times, and turned out these teens. Are clones the new normal?

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cqking said...
Oct. 3, 2010 at 7:07 pm
i most definitely agree with you mainly because i have a particular materialistic school and i cnt stand it
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