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By maddie Chambers BRONZE
Paducah, Kentucky

Music conceals thoughts which cannot be expressed. I grew up listening to music due to my older sister.  She would play a song and tell me to dance.  We would spen...
maddie Chambers BRONZE, Paducah, Kentucky
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PinkNinjaHater SILVER, China, Chengdu, Other
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Favorite Quote:
Everybody has photographic memory, just not everybody had film.

#33 Opinion
By BrittBritt95 PLATINUM
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
BrittBritt95 PLATINUM, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
Writing is not a passion, it is a never ending dream

#34 Opinion
By Swiggidy_Swooty BRONZE
Thornton, Colorado
Swiggidy_Swooty BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
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Favorite Quote:
Goud Est, Est. Whatever will be, will be.

#35 Opinion
By DavidPic BRONZE
Saugus, Massachusetts
DavidPic BRONZE, Saugus, Massachusetts
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HaleyWilliams BRONZE, Peru, Kansas
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By sir.timothy GOLD
Nashotah, Wisconsin
sir.timothy GOLD, Nashotah, Wisconsin
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By eric davis BRONZE
Morritown, New Jersey
eric davis BRONZE, Morritown, New Jersey
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Devi1sAdvocate SILVER, West Branch, Iowa
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#40 Opinion
By 22el01 BRONZE
Red Wing, Minnesota
22el01 BRONZE, Red Wing, Minnesota
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