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Are Video Games Really That Bad?
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Parents always complain about their children spending too much time playing video games. There have been hundreds of tests and experiments done on this topic. The truth is that video games aren’t as terrible as everyone makes them out to... (more »)
THH: A Popcorn Guide to What Theater-Hog You...
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Last summer, the box office was filled with characteristic booms and busts—though still, regardless, a lot of films. So, when school let out and the hot weather rolled in, where we you in the theater? Drooling over a lovefest? Were you... (more »)
Nothing New About "Provocative" Music This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
By , Leavenworth, KS
Recently, Nicki Minaj released her provocative video for her song Anaconda. The majority of the video is just Nicki provocatively dancing, with lots of close-ups on her posterior. The lyrics themselves are racy; however, nothing new. However,... (more »)
Top 100 Songs Part 2
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Continue 90, Done With Everything Die For Nothing-Children of Bodom, this is one of the more memerable songs from the album Blooddrunk and also appeared in Guitar Hero 5 as a playable song. This is amazing. 89, Phantom of the... (more »)
Metal or Rock
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There are metal bands that are very heavy and have alot of aggression, but the same thing goes with modern rock bands such as Three Days Grace and Breaking Benjamin. Meet Mr. Buzzer, Buzzes, this thing will help you decide if it is rock or... (more »)
Top 100 songs of all time Part 1
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This is a huge list consisting of at least one song from every genre. I am going to be splitting this into 10 parts, 10 entrees for each part. I want to show you how diverse my music is. Alot of you think I am pure heavy metal but I have other... (more »)
THH: Because [Subject #1] Said So, Not [Subject...
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Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to hear Gimli announce in his gruff baritone “A red sun rises. Blood has been spilt this night.” What if it was Barbossa that delivered the one-liner, “I got a jar of dirt”? Stark’s impeccable... (more »)
Top 10 Death Metal Bands
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These guys are heavy as heck, yet aren't in the mainstream. I don't know either. But that doesn't mean that I can't talk about it at all, right? Well, if you don't know what Death Metal is, it is a subgenre similar to that... (more »)
The Words of a Troubled Mind
I recently watched The Fault in Our Stars and found it quite… troubling. I haven’t read the book or talked about the movie with anyone. This is why writing this might be quite obsolete. The story itself seemed as if it was going to be a love... (more »)
Top 10 Overrated/Underrated Metal Bands
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Part of being a music freak, or especially metalhead, is the brotherhood of find old, new, and bands that don't get enough attention. Where am I going with this? Well, I have a huge setlist of songs that I know. Overrated means bands that... (more »)
An Infectious Disease
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More and more youth of this age are being infected with a disease that inhibits their work and thought. It affects them slowly, eventually halting all progress they could make. It is sinister in nature and few even realize it's happening. It... (more »)
Top 10 Symphonic Metal Bands
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After Thrash comes, Symphonies. That's right, Symphonic Metal is next. Now like the last Genre based countdown, I will be expanding the origins to just about everywhere. Besides there isn't enough bands in the US. Rules: only bands that... (more »)
Popular Culture = Rape Culture? This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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“I hate these blurred lines. The way you grab me … must wanna get nasty.” Robin Thicke sings these words repeatedly in his song “Blurred Lines.” To me, Thicke's lyrics sound like a rapist's defense in court, yet this song has been... (more »)
Top 10 Thrash Metal Bands
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A genre that is sort of underground but very popular in the 80's, Thrash Metal. This is a subgenre of metal that is influenced from 70's punk but alot heavier than punk. There are many Thrash bands out there but to me, these are the top guys.... (more »)
Why I Love The Musicals I Love
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I usually listen to mainly Phantom of The Opera, Les Miserables, and Love Never Dies. People always ask me why I love the musicals I love so much and I always struggle to answer that. It’s not that I don’t have an answer, it’s that I feel... (more »)
Top 25 Dream Theater Songs
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OK, some of you should know by now that I love heavy metal and while that is cool and all, how about songs that are longer than 10 minutes. They exist. Thus we have the Progressive Rock/Metal scene. And my favorite from the scene is easily Dream... (more »)
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