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H. E. R. O.
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On the day Frank Baum put pen to paper, a new hero was born. Now there's many heroes in the world, but how many are dogs like my hero Toto? In the play and book The Wizard of Oz, many people believe Dorothy Gale was the hero but I... (more »)
Originals versus Sequels
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Dumb and Dumber, Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Terminator, Jurassic Park, and Shrek all have one thing in common: they all have sequels. Whether they are book or movie sequels, there are some that suggest the original is better than the sequel.... (more »)
Are Video Games That Bad?
By , rockford, IL
Video Games have earned a pretty bad reputation, especially violent ones. The reason for these games having a bad reputation is that people believe that they cause young people to become more violent and that these games should be banned.... (more »)
Top 15 Between the Buried and Me Songs
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Now this and Dream Theater switched spots. Between the Buried and me is a progressive metal/metalcore band that formed in 2000 with their first album being the title album in 2001. They have released six studio albums and one EP over the course... (more »)
Avenged Sevenfold
By , Defiance, OH
“Hail to the King” by Trace Schuelke is the greatest writing I have ever read.  Trace describes how “Avenged Sevenfold” is a favorite band to many people among the world.  He states that the album “Hail to the King” was an easier... (more »)
A Soundless Void: The World Without Music
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There are things in my life that I’ve always just tried not to think about. Dying in Quicksand, hurricanes, ghosts, house fires, things of that nature. The biggest one has always been a life without music. There are videos and things about... (more »)
Mocking Jay: Movie vs. Book
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“If we burn, you burn with us.” (Katniss Everdeen). I watched the movie and read the book Mocking Jay by Suzanne Collins. Collins is an excellent writer and a very mellow calm natured lady. Her book the Mocking Jay is to me, the best book I... (more »)
Mockingjay Movie Review and Comparison to Book
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“Katniss Everdeen, the girl who was on fire, you have provided a spark, that left unattended, may turn into an inferno that destroys Panem.” President Snow was correct, Katniss has started a conflagration that will collapse and... (more »)
Residual Kid- Rock & Rolls Newest Faces
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They are the band your mother warned you about, no really, It says so on their youtube page. Residual Kid is an up and coming Rock band from Austin, Texas. According to “Huffington Post”, They might just be the band to “Take Over Rock... (more »)
How "The Corpse Bride" Changed My Life
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When I was really little, I wasn’t like the kids I knew. I always had this sort of stereo typical kid in my head; I think it was based upon a hybrid of every kid in my school who was popular in the grade. I liked things that this amazing... (more »)
"Music is..."
Music has been around since the dawn of civilization. From when cavemen first hit their clubs against the ground to today’s genres of pop, country, classical, and rock, music has helped to shape society. Defining music is a near... (more »)
have you ever seen a movie, preview, and jsut said man I'm going to see this when it comes out on opening day. We for me that one movie was foxcatcher. I really wanted to see this movie but it only shows in New York and califorinia. I was... (more »)
Is Art a Good Excuse This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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My Favorite movies are as follows: The Dreamers by Bernardo Bertolucci, Midnight in Paris by Woody Allen, and The Pianist by Roman Polanski. Titles I used to declare at the top of my lungs, but in recent months I have felt ashamed to say out... (more »)
Fear and Pain
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Fear is an unpleasant feeling of perceived risk or danger, whether it be real or imagined. Fear also can be described as a feeling of extreme dislike towards certain conditions, objects or situations such as: fear of darkness, fear of ghosts,... (more »)
Pop-Punk Pizza Party
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First things first: you’re going to get out of your hometown. The world of pop-punk music is such a funny genre to try and tackle. It is probably my favorite genre of music, and when you sit down and actually listen to it and read along... (more »)
Running Life's Race
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Life was not given to you by God to be rushed. Every moment isn’t meant to be something you’ve waited for. You were not born young and naïve wishing you were old and wise. Why do you want to move through every stage of your life so quickly?... (more »)
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