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Chaos Never Wins
By , Morristown, NJ
Batman and the Joker, there’s a lot of history behind them. A question frequently asked is when will Batman finally kill Joker. The answer is simple. Never. That is because Batman, is self controlled. He represents order. With that, no... (more »)
13 Reasons Why
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13 reasons why brings light to many different subjects, including suicide, depression, rape and bullying. Hannah Baker left 13 tapes, explaining why she committed suicide. One of those tapes was about Clay Jensen, the boy who got away. This show... (more »)
The Ones Who Twirl and Sing
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Lose 10 pounds. Die your hair. Take out that earing. Never wear orange. No nail polish.  Whiten your teeth. What do you mean you didn’t prepare an extra song? Don’t tell me that’s a carb your eating. You lost 10 pounds?... (more »)
How Music Affects Emotion
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Much like blinking and breathing, music is a necessity.  Also much like blinking and breathing, there are certain aspects that go unnoticed.  For instance, if you think about breathing you begin to breathe manually (like you are now).  In the... (more »)
The Perks of Being a Wallflower: Novel and Film
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While it is always exciting to hear that a movie version of your favorite book is coming out, more often than not, the movie is a disappointing, butchered version of a once great story. However, this does not hold true when it comes to the film... (more »)
This I Believe
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When I was ten years old, I read Harry Potter for the first time. It was a life-changing experience that opened up my imagination to a whole new world, and taught me valuable life lessons that I still think about to this day. Although many... (more »)
The Brilliance of Hamilton
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Dating back to the caveman time period, theatre has always been a way to express a plotline using song, dance, and acting. It is a form of entertainment that has transformed into a pop culture phenomenon that allows an audience to connect and... (more »)
Why Music Matters
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I’ve never appreciated music more than I have in this past year of my life. Sometimes, it feels like the only thing that can quell my anxieties. The importance of the art first struck me when sitting in my Spanish class. My teacher,... (more »)
The Real Life of A Competition Dancer
By , middleville, MI
A certain reality TV show, Dance Moms, has given an image of what it means to be a competitive dancer, but the things that they show are very different from what it is actually like for those of us who don’t have cameras following us... (more »)
Members Only Volume 2 by xxxtentacion
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Do to the hashtag free x, a new face in the rap game is showing some potential as the name xxxtentacion. This album is also featuring "Ski mask the slump god" this is the vol 2 album of their work. The album opens with a somber intro that is... (more »)
What Happened to Hip-Hop?
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 Hip-Hop has to be one of the most influential genres of music. It has been around for a quite a long time, about 40 years, and it has gone through a lot of changes throughout the years. It started out as a way to spread information that... (more »)
If You Would Just Listen: The Genius of Kanye West
Kanye Omari West. Modern music’s most polarizing figure. This man is the most mocked, unstable egomaniac working in the music scene and at the same time the most influential, sympathetic geniuses working…well, anywhere.... (more »)
Is Rap Killing Brain Cells?
By , wilmington, DE
All guys do is listen to rap music. It doesn’t help their brain all it talks about is having sex with girls and drugs. Music is supposed to have a message, but music today doesn’t have a message.  People want to be just like... (more »)
Why Led Zeppelin Was the Best (in My Opinion)
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We all have artists and bands that we love with a fiery passion, and regardless of who they are, they are all influential in some way.  Every artist offers a new take on his or her genre.  Yet, some bands historically are known as the... (more »)
Hamlet vs. Lion King
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It seems like it's always the little brother kills the older brother out of jealously and often for the desire to sit on the throne. It is apparent that the classic, Shakespearean tragedy hamlet, and the more youth oriented, disney production,... (more »)
American Idiot
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Adolescence arrives in between the notes of a good song. When I was thirteen, I heard a Green Day track for the first time on the radio. The station was playing “Boulevard of Broken Dreams,” and if love at first sight, or in this case at... (more »)
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