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Top 100 Songs Part 9
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20, Thurisas Dreaming-Enslaved, the first track from Enslaved's In Times. This has a light of day, day of darkness setting to it as in, it goes from shrieks to cleans very easily. You may also notice the eight minute length which makes it a... (more »)
Top 10 Hardcore-Genre Songs
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Hardcore can technically be defined as anything. Though most of the time it's used to describe some of the heavy mainstream metal or rock bands that I bet alot of us may know such as the obvious Falling In Reverse, Sleeping With Sirens, etc.,... (more »)
THH: How Much of Your Book Is Actually Yours?
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2014 was when I began the Holy Hitchhike, a modestly obnoxious column on my varying opinion. It all began with a study on the red-haired boom in teen fiction. And here, a whole year later, why your latest literary masterpiece might not be... (more »)
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Jurassic World Is One of the Most Sexist Movies... This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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The summer’s most popular movie, Jurassic World, is rife with sexism. It broke box office records and pulled in $204.6 million opening weekend. If this movie pulled in that much money then Hollywood will not think that this sexism has crossed... (more »)
The Rise of the Dragon This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. This work has won the Teen Ink contest in its category.
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On the old TV hit show “Ally McBeal,” Lucy Liu bares her slender shoulders in a provocative lace halter top, eases her ruby red nails into Greg Germann’s dirty blond locks, then whiplashes him with her serpentine tongue. As... (more »)
Top 10 Underrated '80s Movies
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Smell that? The oozing, scrumptious cheesiness of teen ‘80s movies have finally dripped onto today’s not-so-original films. The Duff made its release to theaters in February, and passive pandemonium is still heard from teens throughout the... (more »)
Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind
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I went to go see “too much light makes the baby go blind” play/ performance and I was thoroughly entertained. The most basic way to describe this play is that these 7-8 people perform 30 plays in 60 minutes. And the audience picks... (more »)
Top 25 Eluveitie Songs
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Eluveitie. A Swiss folk metal band that you'll often find telling ancient stories about Switzerland. Having released their first works in 2002 with the Ven EP, they have been making good tunes since then. I am here to tell you what my favorites... (more »)
Music Education Programs in Schools
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Imagine a school system where the teaching of a core subject such as English or math has been completely removed. Now imagine being told it was because they wanted to use the money elsewhere. Sounds pretty weird, right? However, since 2008, 80... (more »)
TV: A Costly Benefit to Society
By , Waimea, HI
Can you imagine coming home from a rough day and not being able to watch television? Or not having the ability to watch your show to find out what happens next, like who A is or who won the MTV Movie Awards? In modern society, television has... (more »)
Ryan Kelly
By , Vermilion, United States
Ryan Kelly is a singer from The Moy, Northern Ireland  born in November, 1978. He started singing from a young age because he was influenced by his parents especially his dad to go sing. His first big performance was when he was 7 years... (more »)
Technology Dependence
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If your phone went off in the middle of dinner, do you rush to get it? If you are in the middle of your homework and see a distracting youtube video, do you watch it? If you answered yes to both of these questions, you are a twenty-first century... (more »)
Celtic Thunder
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Celtic Thunder is a group of male Celtic singers from Ireland, Scotland, and an Irish-American. The group started in 2007 when two people named Sharon Browne and Phil Coulter came up with the idea of starting a group with 5 Celtic men. Sharon... (more »)
Daily Dosages of Bliss
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Sometimes it’s all I can think about, the very source of my creativity. Music. Such a beautiful thing, really, and something I don’t think I could bear being without. I once heard somewhere that there are musical people and... (more »)
THH: Great Tune, Trashy Message
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“Tried to domesticate you, but you’re an animal…Good girl! I know you want it! I know you want it...” “I got to stay high…Spend my days locked in a haze…Pick up daddies at the playground, how I spend my day time…” “All I... (more »)
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Emmett O' Hanlon
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Emmett O' Hanlon is a singer in Celtic Thunder. He's the current classical singer in the group. He joined the group last year (2014.) He originally came in for voice lessons but the woman who was giving him the vocal lessons was Sharon... (more »)
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