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Postal 2 - Mindless Killing or Genius Satire?
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Released back in mid-2003, Postal 2 was a first-person open-world shooter from the Arizona-based developer Running with Scissors. The game was the textbook definition of a cult classic. Lukewarm reviews, little media attention, and a devoted... (more »)
The Importance Of Music In My Life
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    I love music.  Whenever I feel angry, sad, upset, or just need to get away from everything, I listen to music.  When I’m feeling down, music lifts me up.  If music didn’t exist, I would be upset and angry most of the time.  I love... (more »)
Books and the Works of George R.R. Martin
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 Books, books are amazing.  If someone writes a book, they are writing about something they know and care about.  Books help bring out people’s imaginative sides.  There are many different ways for a book to end. They... (more »)
Musically Stereotyped
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Nowadays, when we meet or see a person we tend to automatically give them a "music stereotype". Almost every teenager is guilty, including myself. We have created these thoughts because of the singers/songwriters on how certain people... (more »)
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Music has a kind of indescribable power over people. You can feel absolutely awful and think that nothing will help, but one song can completely change your mood. Don’t you ever wonder how? How can listening to sounds and words make you... (more »)
End Up Here
By , Bllingham, MA
They were discovered in 2013 by the world's biggest boy band, One Direction. 5 Seconds of Summer, an Australian boy band made their name on YouTube. The band was handpicked by One Directions to open for them on their world wide tour, the... (more »)
The Rise of the Dragon This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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On the old TV hit show “Ally McBeal,” Lucy Liu bares her slender shoulders in a provocative lace halter top, eases her ruby red nails into Greg Germann’s dirty blond locks, then whiplashes him with her serpentine tongue. As... (more »)
The Studio Serial Killings of EA
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Some of you will have heard of the recent, tragic news that EA has decided to close the main office of Maxis, the creators of the Sims series, the first game of said series remains to be one of the best-selling games of all time for the PC, and... (more »)
THH: Hear Ye, Disney Princes and Princesses This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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For the longest time, I wanted to be Aurora. Princess Aurora, or Briar Rose. She had long golden hair. She had these lovely violet eyes. She could sing (and to animals!). And best of all, she was woken from a deathly enchantment from a kiss,... (more »)
Why I Like Horror Movies
I am a fan of horror movies. I think they are entertaining and fun to watch. When I tell people about my opinion about these types of films they either agree with me or look at me like I am insane. To all those people who do think I am crazy... (more »)
Something Old, Something New
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The Age Old Battle of Old Entertainment vs. New Entertainment First Round: Movies Old Movies: Though often cheesy and sappy, old movies will usually teach lessons and provide with an inspiring and/or fun story for the viewers. Always... (more »)
Be Inspired
Piece number 9 contains numerous visuals, including headphones. To me, headphones represent a need for one to escape, whether it be publicly or privately. When one is happy, or experiencing a positive emotion, he/she would most likely want to... (more »)
The Future of Online Ticketing is Doomed
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Bots. Scalpers. It seems like more people are buying event tickets to sell them than to actually go to the events. They’re both online and patrolling the streets nowadays, lurking around venues hoping to make a few bucks by selling... (more »)
No-Face’s Redemption
 Of all the classic animé films Miyazaki Hayao has made, Spirited Away holds an irreplaceable position in my heart. A neglectable minor character in the movie, No-Face, is a lonely spirit who lives under a wooden bridge in front of... (more »)
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Kurt Cobain
April 8th, 1994, the world cried when news hit that front man of Nirvana, Kurt Cobain, took his life. In three months is the twenty-first anniversary of the man who shot himself while he was on top of the music world. Kurt Cobain is said to be... (more »)
"Why Music Censorship Should End"... This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
By , Defiance, OH
While I do understand why radio stations censor songs, I agree with the author.  I personally am not offendeed by profanity and I don't know why some people are.  There are plenty of songs with terrible meanings and messages that contain no... (more »)
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