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I Hate Rap with a Passion
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Rap. In the genres beginning, the rapping was probably about something worth listening to but now...not so much. The rap I've heard  is degrading, vulgar, and inapproitate overall. The cursing, the speaking about drugs and bragging about his... (more »)
Conversation of Music
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Music is a magical mystery tour (Beatles). It has a comfortabley numb feeling to it (Pink Floyd). It makes love reign over me (The Who). Some girls (Stones) like Rock and Roll (Zeppelin). Me, I like that too.  On an adventure last summer, I... (more »)
Music Is My Light
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Music is a light, it helps me through the darkness and it’s always there when I need it. Music is my whole life. Ever since I was a little kid all I’ve wanted to do was be in a touring rock band. There's nothing else I can see myself doing.... (more »)
Music for the Mind: How Different Melodies...
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Music is an art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and color. Music is a universal language that everyone can appreciate. Music can motivate you, also music... (more »)
Ole Country Music
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Country music is the heart and soul of the south and the Appalachian Mountains. I plan to write an opinion/informational/article about the difference between old (traditional) country music and so called new country music. I will also talk... (more »)
Should Parents Choose What Music We Listen To?
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Should parents choose what music we listen to? Parents shouldn’t be able to choose what music we listen to because it shows who we are, how we express ourselves, are inspiration. Music is my escape from reality. Parents shouldn’t... (more »)
Kullers, by Kullers
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The album, Kullers, was released May 22nd by a new band which the album was named after. The newly formed band has not decided what genre their music falls into yet, but the best they could describe it as is Alternative Pop. Band members Jordan... (more »)
Book to Movie Adaptations
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Alright, imagine this. You have a certain favorite book that is dear to you. It can be old, recent, written for children, adults, etc. You have been rather attached to this book for a long time, so you are completely stoked when you hear a... (more »)
Music Makes Us Special
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“A teacher at Cedar Bluff Elementary School, Andrew Klicka writes rap music to help students learn and remember concepts. "I started writing raps because the social studies tests were so hard," Klicka said. "The kids had a... (more »)
Best TV Show Villains
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Rules: They have to be a single entity, not an organization. They cannot be evil for no reason. They have to originally be from a TV show, so no movie-to-TV-show or book-to-TV-show adaptations, although comic adaptations are, given the sheer... (more »)
The Benefits of Video Games
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For a long time, video games have been stereotyped as detrimental for kids. However, many useful benefits that come from playing video games have been neglected. For instance, video games can help people's eyesight, "People who play... (more »)
Women in Film: Why Dying Bloody Requires... This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
 It always starts the same. The female character—a beautiful, twenty-something blond—is lounging about a dark, empty house in some see-through lingerie. It is most likely the middle of winter and there is possibly a... (more »)
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Music is such a strange concept.   It’s amazing, don’t get me wrong, and has seriously impacted lives everywhere, but it’s weird.   There are beats and melodies and buzzes   And there are other... (more »)
How Can They Trash Ricky Gervais?
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I think that they should come up with a new ratings system for movies called “BC”. This would not keep teens out of movies, but specifically invite us to see a movie “BEFORE CRITICS” write up their opinion about a film,... (more »)
The Key to Drumming
By , Sacromento, CA
Drumming is a very complicated instrument to play, you must have coordination beyond belief. You must be able to read music and a very good sense of beat. Tom Frost (My source/teacher), a drummer from Fair Oaks, is a professional drummer... (more »)
Perspective Through Music
By , Cannon Falls, MN
When it comes to expressing myself, It’s a difficult thing for me to do. I either come off scared or awkward when I try to show how I’m feeling. That’s when I turn to music, when I’m listening to music I don’t feel... (more »)
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