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The Office or Bust

May 1, 2018
By Anonymous

Next time you find yourself scrolling through Netflix, you are already doing something wrong. There is no need to search when the perfect show exists, that show is known as “The Office.” In the hilarious NBC series, we follow a group of coworkers throughout their not so professional workday. One would imagine a work-related show to be anything but exciting, but “The Office” transforms a boring workday to a fun and loving roller coaster ride that you do not want to miss. I found myself unable to stop watching as the show mixed comedy, romance, and everything in between to leave me laughing and begging for more. With its documentary style and individualized characters “The Office” generates a sincere journey allowing the audience to relate, connect and ultimately, find answers to some of their personal questions.

It was summer of my junior year in high school when I officially finished a show called “How I met your Mother” and with months of endless free time left, I knew my new Netflix selection would be critical for my wellbeing. My search began with limitless scrolling, I faced the dreadful process of looking for what seemed like hours, but it was when my hopes were almost gone that “The Office” popped up on my screen. I knew I was taking a leap of faith when I clicked play, but little did I know it would be the beautiful beginning to the end of my social life. Episode after episode I found myself unable to stop laughing due to Jim’s pranks on Dwight, Michael’s terrible one liners, and the characters unique personalities.

I easily connected with each of the characters as I watched them develop throughout the seasons. I would highly encourage anyone to watch “The Office” not only because of the humor but because of what we could learn from the characters. Michael’s constant jokes make us underestimate his professionalism, but help us realize that it’s important to have a positive outlook on the many ups and downs in the workplace and in our lives. Through his failed relationships we learn to recognize what an unhealthy relationship looks like, but appreciate his relentless search for true love. Watching Dwight and Jim’s relationship we can see how mixing work with play is what can keep us sane.

The biggest and greatest lesson learned was from watching Jim and Pam’s love blossom over the many seasons. We learn that love is about patience and building a connection as they go from their friendship and endless pranks to the day Jim finally asked Pam to marry him. We can all take a little something away as we follow these characters through the many ups and downs we face in our own lives. Regardless of the need, like a laugh to pick us up or a tip on how to ask our crush out on a date, “The Office” is the way to go.

With the NBC series being a little out of date, potential viewers could fall into a more modern trap like “Game of Thrones” or “Riverdale”, but why would you want to do that I find it odd that viewer would rather wallow in drama and unneeded stress when you could actually mentally and physically benefit from watching “The Office. With the laughter created by the show it will “stop destressing emotions, help you relax and recharge, and will boost your immune system” ( The show provides nothing but laughs, and a few happy tears, so anyone who wants to live a better life should watch this show. Ultimately, if you want to be a happier and healthier person, you need to watch “The Office”.

From its memorable quotes to its tear jerking moments, “The Office” never fails to meet any and all expectations; it’s a show that fits all genres due to its variability and relatability. I find it to be a show that will turn any bad into a good day or any good day to an even better day, everyone should go watch it. Useless Netflix browsing will stop now as “The office” offers what we all look for in any movie or show. It not only captures the attention of all comedy lovers, but its romance and day to day life lessons will impress those who are interested in knowing which bear is best, how to make your dream girl fall in love with you, or how to be the world’s best boss.

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