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Why Batman Is the Best Superhero

March 29, 2018
By JohnBrady GOLD, Dundalk, Other
JohnBrady GOLD, Dundalk, Other
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There are many contenders for the best superhero. Many would say Superman or Iron Man is the best. However, in this essay, I will tell you why Batman is not only my favourite superhero but my favourite character in fiction, period. Small disclaimer, throughout this essay I will mostly reference the modern, gritty versions of Batman and not the old campy versions as I believe it’s the most realistic interpretation.

In many ways, Batman is like other superheroes such as Superman. He fights for justice. He is ethical and there are lines he won't cross. However, it is in his character and his execution of his ideals where he differs and becomes far more interesting. Batman is almost too ethical. He believes he is above the law no matter what anyone says but, is he? Yes, he won’t kill but does that save him from sin? He rules his city with fear. He never takes advice, even when it is the right and logical thing to do. It is his way or the highway. It is because of this that I believe Batman is the best superhero. He is only human. His weaknesses are his flaws. His weaknesses are internal.

You compare this to Superman; whose weakness is kryptonite. He is lacking in depth. His weakness is completely external. It’s simply a plot point. Batman is just a human who wants to help his city and the people within it. He doesn’t have any special powers, he has his mind and his wealth and uses that to get the job done. I think we have all been in a situation where we have seen something wrong with the world and have felt helpless when we have tried to fix it. I think we have all made mistakes or have been held back by our own personal flaws at some point in life.

That’s why I love Batman. He’s someone who sees an injustice and stands up and says I’m going to do something about it and my flaws and weaknesses may hold me back but I’m only human and I must try my best. Batman is someone that everyone young and old can look up to because he is more than a superhero, he is a symbol.

Thanks for the reading, who is your favourite superhero and why? Did I change your mind with this essay or do you disagree with me? Let me know in the comment section below.

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