January 18, 2018
By Anonymous

My opinion on The Fast and The Furious franchise is one of the best films ever created. It’s always have wonderful storyline. First one is Brain goes undercover as a cop to intrail Dom and it all went sideway, Brain blew his cover and Dom got mad. What they do with the movies brings my attention because they get better and better every time. I believe no other action movie franchise can’t not beat Fast and Furious.

I believe that because not others movies can draw attentions. Taken, Rush Hour, 12 Rounds, The Marine, Mission Impossible, The Matrix, Blade, and others etc. They wouldn’t draw my attentions like Fast and Furious because they don’t interest me like how Fast and Furious do, enlighten me on why Fast and Furious isn’t the best franchise in action movies history. Fast and Furious last movie The Fate of The Furious(2017) made over 1 billion dollars in the box offices, and it drew not only mine attentions, but lots of people attentions.

Fast and Furious will always be my no.1 franchise movie ever, no question asked, It draw my attentions, and entertains me like no other movie can, I can watch Fast and Furious movies all day and I won’t be bored at all. What i’m saying is give Fast and Furious a chance and I promise you that you will not be sorry.

The author's comments:

The movies inspired me to wrote this by entertzining me and I wanted everyone to witness it 

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