The Emoji Movie

January 19, 2018
By Anonymous

I felt an extreme emotion of disgust when I heard the emoji movie was actually being made.  I had been disgusted in 2015 when I heard that the emoji movie was being made, but was relieved when hearing about its cancellation because of the backlash its trailer had gotten.  I was no longer relieved however when I heard that the emoji movie was back in production the following year.  My disgustment knew no bounds at that point and my family shared the same opinion, so every time a commercial for it came on we always flamed it my father and I especially.  So when it finally came out my disgustment was higher than ever before, for the emoji movie but a sense of relievement came over me when hearing that only a small fraction of people enjoyed, but my disgust for the emoji movie in its entirety still holds to this day.

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