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How to Get Away with Murder

November 28, 2017
By Anonymous

This week I watched How To Get Away With Murder season three. I loved the firsts seasons so I figured I would watch the third season.


So far I am loving it. The dialouge between Connor and Oliver since they broke up is amazing, because it is not too awkward or wierd. Frank is being crazy and I love how Annalise deals with him. Annalise hates him and Laurel and Bonnie want him to go back to them.


I like how Laurels family issues are contributing to her charaater and how it shows us why she is like the way she is. She wanted to find out where Frank was and she need her dads help. Her and her father fought a lot. At the end she found out where Frank was, but she didnt tell anybody.


Frank is becoming crazy and killing people which does not make any sense. Annalise is having a hard time dealing with her problems and drinking a lot. he cannot do her job but she still wants to drink. Asher starts dating MIchaela.


In the future there is a fire, and someone dies. Laurel was in the fire but she is still alive and she is pregnant. She does not know who started the fire. Annalise has a hard time she gets blamed for starting the fire. When everyone else find ou who dies they have a hard time deaing with it.

The author's comments:

I hope people will feel encouraged to watch How To Get Away With Murder

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