Netflix Removing Shows

November 27, 2017
By bsl_04 BRONZE, Richmond, Virginia
bsl_04 BRONZE, Richmond, Virginia
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Dear Netflix,

I know that me and many others are pained by this. This being the fact that you are taking off all the good shows and replacing them with your terrible Netflix Originals (other than stranger things).It really irritates me when I am watching a show but I can not finish it because you take it off.

For example I was watching How I Met your mother and 30 Rock this year when I turned on the tv to watch it, it was gone. I have not watched both of them all the way through, and I really wanted to, but then it was suddenly gone.

To make things even worse you are raising your price so my family and many others will be paying more for less. This is just a totally unfair change. This is basic taking advantage of people and taking more of their money and in return you give them less.

You are not just hurting your consumer you are hurting your business because people are unsubscribing and switching to Hulu, Amazon Movies,etc.

So I think you should put it back at its original price and add back the good shows. That would not just help me it help you get customers back and people be more satisfied about your product.  

-Slate L.

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