Harry Potter and His Life-Changing Adventure

September 19, 2017
By dommie_g BRONZE, Auburn, New York
dommie_g BRONZE, Auburn, New York
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In a novel or movie the protagonist must face many challenges and troubling events in the said story in order to not only survive, but to also keep the reader’s attention. In the Harry Potter film series Harry faces many challenges throughout the movies to try and stay alive and also protect the world from the Dark Lord, otherwise known as Voldemort. Harry Potter is loyal to a fault and always tries to protect the people he cares about and he is very wise and considerate for his age because of all the situations he has had to overcome. Throughout a work of fiction a reader always attaches to a character that sparks their interest like Harry Potter because he constantly evolves and makes a better version of himself.

Sparking a viewer’s attention is what the author J.K Rowling does best with the Harry Potter film series. Harry’s character is so relatable to many readers because he is very vulnerable. He watched the tragic death of his parents when he was an infant in his crib. During Harry’s early years at Hogwarts, he comes across a large mirror that he can see his family in and at this part of the movie shows the people watching the movie that he may be a wizard, but he is just like any other kid that is going through a tough time in their life. Harry is also vulnerable because he has lost many people in his life. Not only did he lose his parents, but his godfather, Headmaster and his good friends Dobby and Cedric. The pain that Harry felt throughout the film series hits the viewers right in the chest. Harry isn’t the only person struggling now. The feeling of pain and suffering, the kind that makes people sick to their stomach and feel like something is missing inside of them, has now touched every person watching the movies. People close to Harry always seem to get hurt so Harry tried to push them away so nobody else would get hurt because of him. Harry’s willingness to leave his new life behind shows that Harry is such an extraordinary character because he is so diverse in his feelings and actions. Harry is such a special character because he is raw and just simple a boy facing adversity to try and change not only himself, but his life as well.

Harry is just like any other human and he does have his flaws, but he also has multiple strengths that make him a better person by the end of the movies. Harry quickly befriends Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger and they become a perfect team for fighting evil. Harry’s strength, unlike his opponent Voldemort, is that he loves people and people love and rally behind him. The reason why Harry was saved from Lord Voldemort when he was just a small infant was because his mother loved Harry so much that a spell blasted out of her and encompassed Harry and protected him from Voldemort. All that was left of the accident was a scar on Harry’s forehead in the shape of a lightning bolt. Another example of Harry’s strength was during the final battle scene Harry could see that they couldn’t hold off Voldemort any longer. Harry gave himself up and went to Voldemort to sacrifice himself and save the school from the devastation that Voldemort would unleash. Harry knows love and will protect his loved one at all costs because after losing so much he doesn’t want to lose anymore. Harry is not only caring and strong willed to protect the ones he loves, but he is also very wise. At the end of the film Harry defeats Voldemort and not only does he keep the whole world safe, he also has the most powerful wand ever created. The wand made many wizards greedy and it was a menace to the wizarding world. Instead of Harry keeping the wand and becoming one of the most powerful wizards of all time he broke it and threw it down into the crevices of the earth where nobody could find it or use it ever again. It was very wise of Harry to do this because it showed how he grew as a character. If it was the young Harry in the beginning of the movies he would have gladly taken the wand for himself. This new Harry has turned into someone that many viewers would hope to strive to be.

Throughout the film series Harry Potter has without a doubt turned his life around and absolutely made himself into a better man. He constantly matured throughout the series and faced adversity to get where he was by the end of the movie. His strengths of being knowledgeable and compassionate show his nature on the outside, but his vulnerability of his tragic past makes him relatable and it also humanizes him on the inside. Harry is such a unique character because unlike other films where characters have super strength, Harry is just Harry.

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