Books or Movies?

August 7, 2017
By Ruba09 SILVER, Jerusalem , Other
Ruba09 SILVER, Jerusalem , Other
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Books and movies are both work of art used to entertain people or to convey a message, a movie is a usage of various styles and genres to create an acted story that is told using moving pictures recorded by a camera, whilst a story is a written events that the reader has to imagine scenes and to use their creativity while reading, some people prefer to flight with fantasy and to create their own movie, Others like to watch and get the details through visual and hearing sensors.

Both movies and stories give us the same story, and can convert the same feelings to the reader or the audience whether it’s written or seen, yet stories can give more written details about feelings and usually reveal more characters behavior that are not shown in the movies. Some movie producers need to cut away those details because they had to squeeze all the important information into nearly two hours. Due to some people that don’t have time to read or they just don’t like reading.

Both movies and stories are channels for person not only for the sake of entertainment but also a channel to escape reality and fly into beautiful worlds. Since movies are now wide spread people are attracted to the amazing and colorful graphics, but have forgotten the books which are full of details and meanings.   

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