Me, Myself, "Crazy" and I

June 26, 2017
By courtsayshay BRONZE, Elmont, New York
courtsayshay BRONZE, Elmont, New York
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A while ago I came across a song that majority of the people my age are familiar with, "Me, Myself and I".When I first saw the video, I was intrigued because I had never related to a piece of art so intensely. The video takes place while the rapper G Eazy is having a birthday party. During his birthday, he wants to be by himself;however, his friend in the video decides to throw a surprise party. While he is at his party, G Eazy decides to go to the bathroom to be by himself. In the bathroom,  G Eazy  begins speaking to multiple versions of himself, the version he shows to the public the more practical and logical G Eazy, the side of himself that feels sorry for himself and the side of him that is hard on himself. Personally, day in and day out I battle with these mental dilemmas all across my life. On the soccer field I tell myself I am playing well until one bad play, when I decide maybe I'm not so good anymore. Sometimes it happens when I am thinking highly of my significant other and then someone I am close to criticizes him and all of this falls out of the window. Sometimes I tell myself I am destined to be a big time journalist, or writer and then one bad math grade can deter my thinking and make me think otherwise. After all the negative thoughts come the "shut up", part of the video arises. In this part of the video, G Eazy speaks badly about himself, to himself. The other version of himself, begins to get very emotional and begs the battling to stop. This happens to all of us, whether it be on the track, during a final or at night before one shuts their eyes. Now, when I discussed the video with my friend they joked and called me crazy or schizophrenic, although I think the important thing is to realize that we all have moments in which we feel, scared, unworthy or inferior to those around us and more importantly to ourselves. No one is excluded from that phenomenon. G Eazy's tune, Me Myself and I is not only catchy, but it is truthful, honest and represents everything that an ambitious and dedicated person faces while on their journey.  While most people are reluctant to admit their feelings to themselves it is obvious that people who do are honest with themselves are the ones who had end up with millions of views on VEVO.

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