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June 8, 2017
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 What is your favorite song? I bet a lot of answers just came to you, or maybe just one. I believe in the power of music. There are so many elements that connect people, for instance, love, friendship and hobbies. Music is one of these factors in my life because I have always been greatly influenced by it. The reason music appeals to so many people is because it encompasses a variety of genres like pop, rock and roll, classical, country and many other categories. Personally, I like all types of music. I think that all of the different ways people express themselves are beautiful, and can be appreciated in their own unique way.

There is a tradition in my family that we have had for about sixteen years now. In the summer, we go to Lexington for an outdoor concert from a local band every weekend. Kids run around, dance and play. I used to get up and dance like no one was watching me. Now, I am the one watching as others make great memories just like I did. I sit back and enjoy the music as I sit in my blue lawn chair.

A concert is the perfect example of how music connects people. Everyone is together, loving the same artist or performance, often times singing the same lyrics. That is pretty cool. Music is empowering too because people can express themselves on topics they care about. Every song has a message. Musicians always have a purpose for writing their song- to share a message. Protest songs have been a popular form of expression for decades. Gifted artists who can sing very well are amazing, and their voices are their instrument. Listening to someone sing is a special experience for the singer and that person’s audience. This is also true for musicians. I have experienced this firsthand.

I have been playing the violin in the Strings Attached orchestra for almost 7 years now. Being in Strings has made my friendship with my stand partner stronger. I feel a lot of pride when we play in concerts because a lot of practice goes into making them happen. I love playing the violin for my family at our Christmas party. It is special to give my grandmother that gift every year. That same feeling resonates through me when I am playing with the entire orchestra at our concert. Each piece that we have spent months rehearsing feels like magic when we get to play for our audience.

One of the biggest reasons I believe music has the power to change the world- and does change the world, is because it empowers individuals. There are many people in this world that make a living from their music. They have the ability to express how they feel and teach people about the lessons that they are passionate about. Certain songs can greatly improve my mood. Such as, Vivaldi’s the Four Seasons. Music serves as an emotional escape when it is needed. Whether that escape is rolling down the windows in the car, and singing; or quietly putting my earbuds in, and enjoying the song. Music is amazing. Every song tells a story, because every person that sings it, plays it, and listens to it has a story too. Music brings people together in a universal bond, and gives people a purpose: To create and inspire. This, I believe.

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