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June 8, 2017
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Movies are a great way to pass time, but you cannot just sit down and watch any movie. You need to find a movie that sounds fun, interesting, exciting, scary, or whatever you like to watch. In my opinion, both types movies are fantastic and a good way to have fun or spend time. There are some perks to both types of movies, and personally I really enjoy both. It depends on what kind of mood I’m in, if I want to watch a brainless movie with explosions, or want to laugh or be scared, or whether I really want to think about what is happening.

A great movie that involves a lot of thinking and really has you exploring the depths of our world and reality is Interstellar starring Matthew McCconaughey. This movie is really enjoyable and has great pictures and cinematic visuals, along with the fact that it requires a lot of brainpower and understanding to watch it. The movie really explores the outer depths of space, and what would happen if humans were to travel to different planets. The story takes place in the future on Earth, where the Earth is running out of resources and the human race is dying out. NASA sends out researchers to other planets in other solar systems and galaxies to explore possible to planets for the human race to populate. Through the movie, there is lots of drama, and there are a lot of foreign concepts presented to the audiences. Interstellar is a great example of a movie that is not just meant to entertain, but to teach and really get you thinking, and I thoroughly enjoy it every time I watch it.

Although it is very interesting and fun to watch a high-brain-powered movie, sometimes you just need to chill out and watch a brainless action, comedy or horror movie, which are all great and entertaining, and probably one of my favorite entertainment movies is Stepbrothers with Will Ferrell. The movie is extremely funny, and will have you laughing the whole time. The story is about two grown men, one who lives with his mom and one who lives with his dad. The mom and dad get married and the two kids have to live together, and this is when hilarity ensues. At first, the two men don’t really get along well together, but eventually they realize that they need to work together to keep their parents marriage and to stay out of the real, working world. Overall, this is a fantastic movie, and it is a very entertaining movie to watch with friends or when you are bored. This movie keeps you laughing all the way through. One of the benefits of strictly entertaining movies like this is that you can watch them any time at any place, and they will always still be entertaining.

Overall, both types of movies are great. You can watch either of them and enjoy it, and it really depends what you are in the mood for at the time. Movies in general are a great form of entertainment, and everyone has different preferences on what types of movies they like, whether it be fiction, documentaries, sci-fi, action, horror, or any other types. A lot of movies are just brainless stories, but also a lot of them require a lot of thinking to fully understand the plot and development, and both movies are great to watch, but overall it depends on what the watcher is in the mood for.

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