Chaos Never Wins

April 16, 2017
By Anonymous

Batman and the Joker, there’s a lot of history behind them. A question frequently asked is when will Batman finally kill Joker. The answer is simple. Never. That is because Batman, is self controlled. He represents order. With that, no one would expect him to kill. The Joker knows that so he will try to prove to people that the most self controlled person can lose it. If he can prove that, it’ll put fear into everyone. Because if even Batman can become a killer, that means that little bit of chaos is in everyone.  The Joker knows that for Batman even to consider killing someone, that person has to be some terrible monster. So the Joker is sacrificing his own life just to prove that everyone has that little bit of chaos in them. If he can make Batman do it, in the end he wins. With the movies, The Killing Joke, The Dark Knight Returns Part 2, and The Dark Knight, it’ll give enough evidence to explain why Batman will never kill the Joker, and that’s Batman not wanting the Joker to win.


The Killing Joke is a well constructed story. In the movie, the Joker paralyzes Barbara Gordon. Then later kidnaps Jim Gordon and he tries to drive him mad when he starts showing all of these pictures of his paralyzed daughter on the ground. She’s on the ground because of the Joker shooting her. The reason this gets Batman mad is because Jim Gordon is a very dear friend to him. Knowing a best friend was taken and is getting harassed in bad ways, anyone would get mad. So Batman confronts the Joker and it ends up with a toss up. The screen slowly goes down as Batman and the Joker are laughing. But the Joker stops laughing while Batman still is. And many people speculate that either Batman killed Joker, or Joker just stopped laughing. Knowing Batman though, he definitely didn’t. He just has so much self control to let that be the reason he would kill the Joker. He won’t let him win that easy.

In the movie, The Dark Knight Returns Part 2, Batman comes out of retirement. When the announcement was made on the news the Joker has to come back too. So he talks to his personal guide at the mental hospital he’s in and he books an interview on a popular night time show. Obviously he has a joke up his sleeve. He makes everyone think that he just lost all of the craziness and he’s allowed out. On the talk show it wasn’t long before chaos broke out and he kills everyone in the place. It was around 200 deaths. Batman soon tracked him down at a fair where he continued to kill many helpless citizens trying to run from Batman. With this, Batman is just furious. Batman goes off and they start fighting in a love tunnel. While they were fighting, Batman grabs the Joker’s neck and twists it but only fractures it. He can’t bring himself to kill him. With this example it’s clear to see how controlled he is and how desperate he is not to let the Joker win this long feud they have.

In The Dark Knight, Joker causes trouble throughout the whole movie whether it’s killing or robbing places. Towards the end, Joker is in the middle of the street with Batman speeding towards him in the Batbike. Joker repeats over and over, “Hit me”. Batman doesn’t move till last second. He crashes the Batbike just to not hit Joke. He could’ve easily hit him but knowing the fear he’d put into people and letting them all know there’s crazy in everyone, he can’t let that happen.

It’s crazy how after all those years Batman can deal with the Joker and still let him breathe. Any other regular person, given the opportunity would just end it and kill him. But with Batman he’s doing all of this just to save people from being scared. If the Joker were to die because of Batman, it’d just show everyone they can all be like Joker in a way. That’s a terrible thought that no one wants. There are also many reasons why he doesn’t kill him. Batman doesn’t want to kill the Joker or anyone because he doesn’t want to be like his parents murderer. There are many more reasons why he doesn’t. This reason though, how Batman doesn’t kill him because he’d be letting the Joker win, overpowers all other reasons.

The author's comments:

Its about how Batman never should kill and why he doesn't kill the Joker.

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