Conversation of Music

November 17, 2016
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Music is a magical mystery tour (Beatles). It has a comfortabley numb feeling to it (Pink Floyd). It makes love reign over me (The Who). Some girls (Stones) like Rock and Roll (Zeppelin). Me, I like that too.

 On an adventure last summer, I started a day in the life (Beatles) with breakfast in America (Supertramp) and I drank a cup. Then, on my flight going to California, (Zeppelin) I went over the hills and far away. Then upon my arrival I said, "goodbye sunshine (Beatles) and goodmorning to the night (Elton John). As I arrive, I get good vibrations (Beach Boys) from the living things (ELO) around me. I get around, (Beach Boys) knowing my way around town. I meet up with my good friends. We went to an Italian Resturaunt, Alessa, and saw scenes from an Italian resturaunt (Billy Joel). It was the best in town (Buddy Guy). Before we left, they said, "show me the money (Buddy Guy). Next, we roll up (The Struts) to the beach and look out over yander (Jimi Hendrix) out at the ocean (Zeppelin). Then we took a splash and surfed under the dark side of the moon (Pink Floyd). On our way out of the beach, we saw the castles made of sand (Jimi Hendrix) across the muddy waters. We went through the crosstown traffic (Jimi Hendrix) down on mainstreet (Bob Segar) to get back (Beatles) home to my best friend's (Queen) house. We got home after a hard days night, (Beatles) but the adventure doesn't stop yet. We then go explore the neighbor's (Stones) empty construction building and climb around. After the matter, it's getting late, (Jimi Hendrix) and we realize midnight comes too fast (Robben Ford). Finally, at the end of the night,(Doors) it's time to turn the lights out (UFO).

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