Kullers, by Kullers

September 26, 2016

The album, Kullers, was released May 22nd by a new band which the album was named after. The newly formed band has not decided what genre their music falls into yet, but the best they could describe it as is Alternative Pop. Band members Jordan and Alex have been friends since high school and have continued their dream into the music industry, later finding Aidan (the drummer) as a new addition to the band. The band describes their music as a broad form of Alternative Pop; their music does not necessarily fall into one category. All of their songs are were written by moments from past events in their lives, making the music relatable to the listener.

The Kullers album has a “summer” feeling to it, very upbeat and easy to dance to. There are songs about starting relationships and the breakups that ensue. Although each song includes references to romance, the songs do not seem to be repetitive or too alike. Songs such as “We Lost Touch” and “Oh Boy” for example, have upbeat and catchy tunes making them easy to listen to on repeat. The melodies of each of the songs are very diverse and unique to themselves making the album’s eleven songs each a different experience with a different connection.
I had recently discovered the band at the end of July this past summer. My boyfriend and I were attending a concert and as I was waiting outside in line I noticed three guys (about mid 20’s) asking people to buy their album. When they passed us they asked if we could buy their album or check them out on Spotify. I asked them what their music was similar to and they had answers of, “1975” and “Vampire Weekend” which were two band that I was interested in. We ended up buying the album for only five dollars and listened to it after the concert on the car ride home. As soon as I listened to the first song, which is the title track of the album, I knew this would be a band I would start listen to a lot. 

Kullers is an album that most people could connect with and find enjoyable to listen to. They have a combination of uplifting and serious sounds, making their songs able to fit any mood. I would definitely recommend this album to anyone and hope that people enjoy it as much as I do. The band is currently at 19% popularity, and while that may not be high, I feel as though this band will be making a name for itself at the top of music charts in no time at all.

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