Music Makes Us Special

July 25, 2016
By Charon BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
Charon BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
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“A teacher at Cedar Bluff Elementary School, Andrew Klicka writes rap music to help students learn and remember concepts. "I started writing raps because the social studies tests were so hard," Klicka said. "The kids had a difficult time remembering all of the information that we had to teach."

Music is apart of learning. Music helps kids do better in school in may ways. Music helps student have potential on a mental level.

Music helps practice with memory, resulting in a mastery of memorization. “The best way to remember facts might be to set them to music. Medical students, for example, have long used rhymes and songs to help them master vast quantities of information.” Medical students for example, have long usd rhymes to help them master vast quantities of information. A man by the name of Tupas Mukherjee of Glenfield Hospital in Leicester realized that at the hospital he worked at no one was following the procedures of managing asthma. So he created a video and recorded himself singing the guidelines for asthma procedures. It went viral, now all doctors use it and are able to remember the guidelines of asthma. In that case in benefited lots of people because without him lots of people could have been treated incorrectly.

Music also makes the school day more fun. It makes school more interesting. Students come to school every day with electives like spanish. No gym, or music. If they had a music hour or program they can release some restlessness that they have been feeling. They can relax there brain in a way.

Music also provides better self confidence. They learn to deal with fear and take risks. Performing in front of lots of people more than once builds courage, good posture, and eye contact. Each of those provide good skills for educational presentations. These skills relate to every area in educational study.

Some people think that music is worth sacrificing for other programs.Programs such as upgraded websites and new boards. Unnecessary thing that aren't really needed. But I believe that education should come first and music benefits just that. Therefore we shouldn't get rid of music programs.

The people over schools should consider education over desires. We should think about our future and not present pleasure

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