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May 15, 2015
By SkyTekile PLATINUM, Tetonia, Idaho
SkyTekile PLATINUM, Tetonia, Idaho
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Favorite Quote:
"Be the change you wish to see in the world."

Sometimes it’s all I can think about, the very source of my creativity.


Such a beautiful thing, really, and something I don’t think I could bear being without. I once heard somewhere that there are musical people and lyrical people, but I think I’m a little of both.

Music is this thing that flows from the speakers and into every sense, not just hearing. You can literally feel music, and not just in the bass vibrating through the floor. I’ve always sort of wanted to make music, to give and supply others with the raw emotion that is gifted from the melodical, rhythmic sounds. Any kind of music will do, really. Whether it be classical or dubstep or somewhere in between, I know that significance lies buried somewhere within the sounds, and the thrill is all in finding it.

Music can momentarily take you into a different universe, maybe one that only exists to you. It can sweep you away on epic adventures, where you search for the deadly culprits as the underdog of the tale, confront him face-to-face, and then make off with your victory. Music is the sunlight on the other side of the world, the safehaven you await to carry you out of the darkness. Music is… the sound of your best friend’s laughter, the spiteful words from your enemy, the snow, the summer, the roses, the thorns… music is happiness,  sadness, deadly, life-giving. Music is the disconnection from everything, and music is the very thing that keeps you tied to the world. Music is hate, and music is love. Music is daring someone to jump off of the bridge into the water, and music is jumping off yourself. It could even be the person that pushes you over the edge because you would never dare, it could be the cold water to envelope you, or the life vest holding you to the surface, or the current tugging you down. Music is the old, worn shoes on a grandfather’s feat every Sunday morning. Music is the jacket that keeps you a little warmer in the dark alley you have to hide in. Music is the trusty earth beneath your feet, and it is the wide expanse of sky above your head. Music is that annoying little brother that can’t stop irritating you in your moment of glory. Music is that lost paper, flapping helplessly in the wind, and music is the shoe to stop a stray piece of paper’s flight. Music, on a deep and philosophical level, is everything.

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