May 30, 2014
By Anonymous

Coachella was the best experience of my life. I have never have had such an amazing time nor have I ever meet such amazing people than I did at Coachella. Every one there where friendly crazy and there to have a good time. My favorite acts at Coachella would be skrillex,Zedd,Martin Garix ,Empire of the Sun, Alesso, Calvin Harris,muse,outcast, arcade fire, cage the Elephant, group love and tons more. Being at Coachella was like being in heaven for me because there is nothing I enjoy more in life then live music and being around thousands of people all having the time of their life's and just being happy. Coachella transported you to a new world where you could truly loose yourself, all your worries float to the back of your mind and nothing is left but pure bliss. I stayed in a hotel with my friend and her brother, everyday we would take a taxi there and back. The only down side about
Coachella was afterwards you felt like you where going to die. You couldn't hear, walk, or talk, I have never felt exhaustion like I felt after Coachella . The pros defiantly out weighted the cons and I look forward to going next year and the years following after. Coachella is a beyond crazy experience that every one should have.

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