The Movie that Emphasized the Fear for Fish

February 21, 2014
By HelloKitty456 BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
HelloKitty456 BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
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Jaws, a 1975 American “Thriller” film directed Steven Spielberg and as well based off of Peter Benchley's novel. A story about a gigantic Great White Shark begins to terrorize the small community island of Amity, a police chief, a marine biologist , and a experienced fishermen set out to stop it. When I first watched Jaws, I thought it was just a thriller and not at all a horror: I was so wrong. The suspenseful music is what really makes this movie sparks, in my opinion scary movies are not scary unless you have a good soundtrack. The music which the movie uses is different from all the others, its not the same genre of instruments but what makes it ideal is that it has that familiar suspenseful feeling but yet it is used in a completely different but yet familiar scenario. This not very recognizable type of Horror movie creates a new fear for humans not just on land but as well in sea.

Now in my opinion I think Jaws was the start of humans to begin realizing not to think the sea as a harmless place but as well as a dangerous place to keep in mind. I’ve started asking people what they’re first thoughts were after watching Jaws, their response: Fear of Open Water. In fact there was someone that was literally scared of going to the bathrooms because of the fear of imagining the infamous Great White Shark, Jaws coming out of the toilet and … get the idea yet? Though emphasized a bit too much, humans living in 1975 began to doubt the sea and soon created for us humans to fear of man eating fish, more specifically sharks. Steven Spielberg does an amazing job making his viewers frightened especially using the Shark’s perspective since no one knew what a man eating fish would actually do, one thing I love about the movie is that it makes the viewers crave to know what the monstrosity looks like. They show camera shots of perspective of the Jaws and the actors until the very end when we finally see the beast. Emphasizing the beast by letting the fisherman, Quint slowly slide into the Jaws’ … well jaws. No wonder this movie got selected by the Library of Congress to be preserved in the United States National Film Registry.

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