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Music Motivation

February 7, 2014
By SarahGissibl BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
SarahGissibl BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Dear, Teen Ink

Do you like music? Do you think it helps you with work? Some students believe that it helps you get it done faster and more perficient. Others need different, like total silence, independence, group effort, etc. Well in my opinion it helps me and others greatly. If you love it as much as i do, and if you love to write all your greatest ideas and imagination might come from a lyric or a title from a song. Music can make such an impact in peoples lives. The things they do and say might just come from one band they look up to. Whether it is metal, rap, folk, alternative, reggae, spiritual, etc it all affects you and influences you differently. Music does a lot. Its a motivation that inspires you to do, say, wear, maybe even think things you never would.
Some students need total silence and organization focus to get done what needs to be done. Maybe its the opposite? Music can be a distraction for some. Maybe you are the type of person who can have any sound but the clicking of keys.
Local Student1# says that you have to listen to the right kind of music in order to get the job done. But what type is that? Not everyone likes the same music. It impacts different people every day differently. Student2# says its a total distraction right from the start because you're only paying attention to the song and not what you're saying/typing. But what if the song doesn't even have words in it? Some music is just sounds and beats to be exact. Student3# commented that a quiet environment is good for everyone, and in order to do your best you have to have good focus and concentration.
Everyone is different as you can see, so in reality no one is really right? Its called a opinion, and with that not everyone will be thinking the same thing about everything. Especially with this sensitive topic. So with that, you should find what makes you comfortable to excel in your full potential. Thank you!


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