December 13, 2013
By , Belleview, FL
News programs around the world have changed significantly overtime. Peoples opinions may vary, some people like the changes and some do not. One big change in the news programs is that they don't cover the news, what do I mean? Well they cover news, but not important news. They cover celebrity news, more then news about the economy, crimes, and world news.

A lot of opinions have been formed about what news casts should air? Do viewers like more about a certain subject than another? News companies have many questions in their head, but probably the number one question is, which should we air more of? This question can have many opinions, but my opinion is the should air more of international, global, and local news than celebrity news.

In my opinion, people should not care about what's happening in a celebrities life, but they should care more about wars, discussions, crimes, robberies, and kids dying all around the world. I am not saying that we shouldn't air celebrity gossips, but we should air more important news. Especially now a days crimes, war, and death rates are increasing. Imagine that you are held hostage at a bank robbery, while other people don't care about what is happening at the bank. Instead they are watching celebrity gossip, when you might die.

Finally, my opinion might not matter or be the same as anybody's. But people should keep some things in mind. You might not care now, but you will if something bad happens to you.

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