MisJudged Music

September 23, 2013
Today, a lot of people think that modern music doesn’t really have meaning, great lyrics to go with it or some kind of point when it actually does. Some people find it’s the music itself that ruins it, but in fact the lyrics must be in sync with the mood that they are trying to acquire from the song writer.

Some artists, due their appearances, are thought to have no meaning to their music because they are judged by the outside. That, in my opinion, is very mean, although the music is not very subtle, the words of the songs have deep meaning. Due to the beat or way the person or band is dressed makes them expect a heavy metal or scream. “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”
Just because a person doesn’t immediately present the meaning or dresses as if it has no meaning, doesn’t mean the song’s meanings is not there, it’s just that you have to pay attention to the words of the song. Many songs usually have a strong meaning’s. For an example, the group, Pierce the Veil has a song named Hold on till May, it’s about suicide and is most likely dedicated to someone. Knowing that they are holding on to something until May, shows that the person who wrote it cares about the person they dedicated the song to and many songs are made this way. People don’t realize this, because of the tempo of the music or voice of the singer.
In conclusion, most people judge before actually listening to the song. Due to this they call the song satanic, or evil, some even call it “devil music.” The point of this is that most music people judge actually saves other peoples lives.

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